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I remember how excited I was after purchasing that cheap one-way ticket to Finland. That excitement soon vanished. After a retrospective, I can affirm Helsinki being one of the most boring cities I’ve ever visited. There’s seriously nothing to do even less on a Monday and Tuesday. In other words, I’ll spare some details about my stay in Finland’s capital. Sure, you can spend an afternoon in one of the iconic saunas, maybe venture on the island right off the marina, etc.  Let’s be honest here, if you have to skip one Scandinavian country, Finland would be your best bet. The only activity I’ve done that became a highlight of my European escapade was seeing a live hockey game. Oh god, how I missed hockey and watching the Habs, right in the feels! Anyways, you can still watch a great hockey game pretty much anywhere in Eastern Europe or in Scandinavia, so yeah, aside of my hockey game night, I could’ve survived without visiting Helsinki.


Now onto the great part of this adventure. Before heading to Russia, I’ve decided to stop for a few days in Estonia and ended up staying a full week, all thanks to Tallinn’s charms. Here’s why:

Take a luxury ferry from Finland to Tallinn

Only two hours and a mere 20€ will take you to cross the Gulf of Finland. Just relax, unwind with a cup of cappuccino and enjoy the view. Probably the most relaxing and luxurious mode of transportation I’ve taken during my whole trip!



Stay with Aussies at The Monk’s Bunk, aka Tallinn’s party hostel

When I travel, I evaluate how great the city was just by the ambiance of my hostel. Traveling by yourself means LOTS of me-time and the people you meet on the road have the power of changing the total outlook of your travels. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about! And my stay at the Monk’s Bunk perfectly fits that bill. You see, Tallinn allegedly became a long layover before my big move to Russia. In fact, when I was still back in Berlin, I thought I’d only visit Finland and then go to Saint-Petersburg. Stopping in Tallinn was simply logical since I wasn’t too far away and told myself it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. The staff and I bonded instantly and I had an amazing time. Keep in mind my lovelies, traveling isn’t only about the city; the people you meet are what help create these long lasting memories and the staff back at the Monk’s Bunk were all such great individuals and I cannot wait to see again.

Capture d’écran 2015-04-07 à 15.22.38

My Bon Voyage shot from the lovely staff before my departure to Russia

Tallinn is one of UNESCO World Heritage city, all thanks to its medieval Old Town

I think this is the only medieval city I’ve seen that well preserved. Beautiful!










The nightlife… There’s seriously no need to say more

The Old Town should be your top location for visiting and having a little bit of fun.

Capture d’écran 2015-04-07 à 13.31.36

favorite bar laboratory inspired : LABOR

Capture d’écran 2015-04-07 à 13.29.25

If it wasn’t for my Russian Tourist visa, I would’ve extended my stay in Tallinn of a few extra weeks. Everything about the country and the region was a big surprise to me and I cannot wait to head back to Eastern Europe during my future travels. Till then, see you soon Tallinn, it’s been real!


Next stop : St. Petersburg, Russia

If you have any travel questions you would like answered regarding a certain country/city or any related questions about documentation or anything in general, feel free to write them down in the commentary section below this article. I will answer them shortly on The-Booklet.

*** All pictures were taken by me including the featured image unless stated otherwise ***

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