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So first of all, is “POOFY” a word? I wouldn’t count on my knowledge to answer this question because to me any ridiculous sounding “word” is acceptable. When I first started dating my boyfriend he would often give me the question mark face, the one we see in most cartoons because I would constantly invent words. The worst part is that I would come up with a whole meaning for that so-called-word to make it sound legitimate. #SORRYNOTSORRY I know I talk a lot about my boyfriend but he’s the person I’ve been speaking with the most for the past three plus years so I guess it’s normal and acceptable. He would often seriously argue with me that what I was saying didn’t mean anything, to this day I don’t think he knows that I would knowingly use non-English words, but making legitimate and believable arguments is fun (Note to self: I should’ve gone to law school). All this to say version 10 of Word doesn’t believe me; POOFY ISN’T A WORD. My definition of POOFY; oversized piece of clothing that could replace your bed comforter. 

I remember a couple of years ago, or should I say 10 years ago, when every girl would dream about this winter coat; tight around the waist and would be very poofy on the arms and chest area. Well these coats which I think first made their popularity from the brand “Baby Phat” are back in. Honestly at first I was a bit skeptical about this trend making a comeback in style since now I would define my aesthetic as minimalist and an oversized wool coat would normally be my go to. That being said, I never reject a trend without trying it first. Some say that about food so why can’t we for clothes? While looking through my old stuff at my parents’ house I found my old down Foxy jacket, the poofy retro type and I fell back in love with it. It is sooooooo retro. It’s been so long that it almost seems Foxy went out of business a couple of years ago. The problem with those jackets is that they can’t be paired up with every type of outfit or else your attire can quickly become very trashy. Trust me the big hoop earrings aren’t back in style just yet. In the pictures of this article I paired up my poofy friend with vintage high waisted jeans, a canvas belt and an oversized crop top knit from Free People. I would suggest to go very casual and neutral when wearing this type of coat. 





Speaking of poofy… Let’s focus on my Free People crop top. For some reason, I really can’t stand the wide legged pants but the wide wrist shirts on another hand is a trend I came to love again. This trend which I thought I would never wear again because of its high inconvenience (being clumsy my shirt would often dip in food, I hope my visual doesn’t gross you out) made its way back to my closet. Most designers found a way to modify this shirt to make their 2017 version more convenient. they added an elastic to the end part of the shirt which doesn’t make it dangle and dip in everything on its passage. If you don’t have a clear visual you can see this style in the pictures of this article with my salmon coloured shirt. This shirt is certainly out of the box, but after daring it once I can’t stop rocking it.

 Hopefully these trends will stay in style for another winter, because outside has never felt so cozy. On that note, stay warm ladies!



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