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Everyone has its own fashion style. However, some things have to be avoided… as of now. Without being too much of a fashionista and follow current trends, some clothes or some ways of wearing them should be banned. Here are some tips in order to avoid making some of the worst fashion faux pas nightmares.

White socks

For you guys, say no to those infamous white socks. They’re still on the market in order to practice your favourite sport, tucked in your favourite sneakers. However, please put them aside… far, far away during other occasions.

White belts matching your white shoes

OH DEAR GOD! Forget about matching any kind of belts to your shoes, even more if it’s white.


Well, unless if you’re working in a zoo… or else it’s a big no. Even worse, if you’re wearing socks with you crocs I’m dead on judging you.

crocs, faux pas vestimentaires

Short sleeve shirt

There’s a big controversy about short sleeve shirts. Personally, I’d rather see you wear a long sleeve shirt with rolled up sleeves. However, I’m not in your shoes so wear whatever your heart desires. I like wearing myself tank tops with sleeveless shirts so who am I to tell you what not to wear… just a thought. However, don’t you dare wear a tie with your sleeveless shirt. Don’t cross that line!

Source: Jamais sans ma cravate

Loose fitted clothes

Some have the tendency of wearing a size too big. We see the shoulder lines being too far, trousers that fall under the bum. Opt for a more fitted cut trousers and tailored blazer. In fact, several boutique now offer customized tailors.


Beer t-shirt

Love having a cold brew? There’s no need to tell the world by wearing a Coors Light or Budweiser t-shirt.

faux pas vestimentaire, coors light


No need to see your g-string

Or anything that touches underwear, there’s no need to see them. The infamous g-string has to remain under your pants or simply pull your jeans or choose a pair that sit at your waist… as it should be.


When one is able to see your underwear label

Whether you’re wearing a pair of pants, skirt, tight fitted dress that is see-through enough that we can all see the label of your pantie… big no no. With a vaste selection of underwear out there, you can find one without any seams. Choose the perfect one according to your taste and also what you’re wearing that morning.

Accessories overload

Avoid wearing XXL earrings with a statement necklace and a hat… you get the idea.

By concluding, forget about matching sets. As in matching your bag, shoes, belt to your accessories even to your makeup!!! Tacky AF. As for jewelry, stay clear of the matching necklace, bracelet and earring set.

In brief:

Sheer pieces: wear your blouse with an assorted tank top underneath;

Don’t wear the same jacket if you’re a couple;

Those skinny black trousers that have been worn out… you know where elastic threads are sticking out of the butt area, this means it’s time to toss them ASAP.

Went to cuba recently? Bring back a bottle of rhum and not a t-shirt… unless you were in dying need of a new pj.

Military look or leopard? Simply wear them with moderation, that’s all I’m saying.

faux pas vestimentaire, léopard

Please remind yourself wearing the perfect size and fit goes a long way!

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