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The Christmas Season is  fast approaching. Even if I’m singing “All I Want For Christmas is You” since November 1st, I’ve only prepared one gift.  I’m stressing out a little  but I’m sure I’ll be fine! (You will probably find me in my hometown’s mall at  8:50 p.m. on the 23rd, struggling to find a gift for my cousin twice removed)

One thing I do have prepared  and planned for the Holidays is the branding my gifts will have ! You’re probably reading this and thinking “double-u-tee-eff?”, but let me explain! . In these connected times of social media, your gifts and Christmas decor must be Pinterest worthy. If you’re more of a #PinterestFail person, , don’t fret – I’m here to help you! Because, I (I, me, myself) (and Virginie) have decided to find the prettiest way of standardizing my Holiday décor this year (all the while keeping it fun and easy, of course).

And so, after brainstorming and thinking about it for a bit, we settled on wrapping our gifts with the  trustworthy brown Kraft paper. It’s pretty easy to then reuse the same material and create some cheerful wall decorations to match what’s under the tree! The Kraft paper will give our Christmas the modern feel we want, a vintage touch as well as a warm, handmade vibe!

We didn’t want to only have brown boxes under the tree, as if we had just received them from Amazon. So here is the solution Seal-It Glitter Tape. Yep- you read that right! Glitter tape. It’s like a rice paper tape (light and easy to work with), yet it’s covered in glitter! Sounds like hell at first because of the way glittery things tend to shed and spread everywhere constantly. But worry not! With some kind of magic trick, the glitter does not fall off !  You won’t even need scissors to cut it, it’s so easy to rip with your hands. Since this is a Christmas DIY project,  Virginie and I opted for the Holidays collection containing red, green, gold, silver and striped-patterned tape.


We mostly used it on paper, but as the picture illustrates it, it holds well on plastic too! It even sticks on metal and glass; Hello glitter everything!

With our basic materials in hand, we started creating.

lrm_export_20161208_110115 lrm_export_20161208_110236


There’s no wrong way to go about it. With the Kraft paper (purchasable at the Dollar store), the Seal-It Glitter Tape (available at Pharmaprix /Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears and online right HERE ) combined with some Christmas garlands, we created a small miracle!

Here’s the step by step :

-Wrap the boxes

-Get creative !

lrm_export_20161208_105442 lrm_export_20161208_104920 lrm_export_20161208_105732


With what was left of the paper, we made snowflakes just like when we were kids.

We started by sticking the tape on the paper, then folding it and finally cutting it to create the shape!



What about you? Where will you stick your Seal-It Glitter Tape?

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