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I’m looking at my reflection, frowning, disheveled with a hint of a sweat sliding down my face. I’m leaving the fitting room and I hurry myself towards the shopping mall’s exit, waving the white flag. And then, last winter’s memory comes back to haunt me and cursed myself for this moment of cowardice all because I was cold all season, with the only excuse after failing of finding that elusive coat perfectly made for me! A wool jacket, yes it’s chic, but in a -30 degree Celsius weather while having a back  bent all thanks to the cold with some cute blue lips kinda breaks the look. So I turned around, found some courage and I when back to get that coat!


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I don’t know if I didn’t  eat enough bread crusts in my youth, but my persona resides in a petite format! I’m pretty happy in terms of living in harmony with my petiteness, except when comes time of finding clothes that fit me properly. Coats are basically my biggest nightmare that comes back to haunt me each year. All my research had nonetheless lead me to great clues and favorite items which I shall share with you all, petite ladies of this world, who live with this same coat struggle!

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Many high end quality brands offer an XXS size, but in a small quantity, which signifies you’d have to gear up on your winter attire early in the season, so it’s now or never!! Also, a brand amongst the group clawed its way to the top to the most prestigious brands in North America category, that name is Mackage, which offers  chic and contemporary coat styles in XXS. For a sporty look, Canada Goose wins the title and also offers that size. It’s certain that if you choose something that is high-end, you’ll be comfortable and find something in your size. In other words, a great investment!






The little XS

Often, sizes are a question of relativity! Don’t stop at the size if you change brands since each and one of them have their own sizing chart. If someone proposes you an XS, if you think deep down it’ll be too big for you, just try it. Some companies make their coats according to their very young clientele (youth and young adults), which risks to be made for little humans! In that train of thought, Zara and H&M often work with a sizing chart that is relatively small. Also, I’m showing you my biggest crush of this season: parkas! When you have the impression that their products isn’t for everybody, you build a wall, but overcome the previous statement and you’ll be surprised!








After seeing young adults clothes, I’m showing you kids clothes! Sizes going from 12 to 14 can become your savior! You, of course, have to take great care to see if the color and its cut doesn’t look childish. Avoid A cuts since it may put emphasis on your hips, but at the wrong height and your little life hack would be shown to the world! Mackage has once again made great coats for girls, which also benefit ladies who were deprived from their growth! Also in the high-end quality spirit, Chloé may also please you. If you’re looking for something more affordable, Zara always has a great collection in their kids’ section that may end up interesting. It’s often an adult item made again for kids. You won’t loose here!





Here’s my last advice, go for a mid-lenght coat by covering to the maximum your hips, to comply to the ideal 3/5 body proportion. The latter will harmonize your silhouette and most of all, won’t give the impression of drowning you under that oversized coat! Even if it’s pretty to look at, a straight cut coat has the unfortunate tendency to swallow your silhouette, which you want to avoid at all cost! So now, I’m wishing you a great shopping experience even if it will be a hard one. Just follow these little tips and you’ll get out not too disheveled!

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