I think it’s safe to say that summer is here to stay in Montreal! We’ve shown great courage and determination throughout this winter and now’s time we finally get our reward: terraces, heat, sunshine, refreshing cocktails and good food! Montreal’s definitely the place to dine if you’re a foodie because it has hundreds of restaurants with flavours from all around the globe. I actually had the opportunity to taste the Portuguese cuisine of Taverne F and I must say I was impressed. This establishment, located at the heart of Places-des-arts, changes its menu every season so as to get ingredients that are sourced locally (so fresh)! So, it was with great excitement that I joined them in order to try out their new menu of “pesticos” (they’re like tapas, but with a Portuguese twist) and here’s what I think of it:

For starters

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We started off the meal with their plate of Cured Meats as well as their Cod-Cakes, Dried Olives, and a Red Pepper and Piri Piri Mayo, which was served with one of the most refreshing Sangrias. The fish beignets were to die for! And the Foie Gras? Stunning! A must (both of them)!

Something fresh!

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We then had the pleasure of tasting their Grilled Calamari Salad and their Atum Salad (inspire by the nicoise salad) served with a delicious Portuguese white wine. Both dishes were extremely fresh and very flavorful! I usually never get a salad when ordering at restaurants, but I’d definitely make an exception for these two.

A must

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I have to admit this was only the second time I ever tasted tartare, so I’m no expert here. But these (the Beef Tartare and the Salmon Tartare) were just so good! I knew we had plenty more food on its way and that I had to leave room for it, but I just couldn’t stop eating these!

The main course!

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It was now the Braised Lamb, the Fresh Cod (and many others), as well as the vegetables and fries’ turn to join our table. The meats were cooked to perfection and were served with foods that complimented their flavor to perfection. (And those fries! Generally speaking, all fries are delicious, but I really enjoyed these!)

Time for dessert!

Unfortunately, this is the moment my phone decided to die, forcing me to keep the dessert a surprise for you all! Although I will say this: I’m a sugar freak! So if I tell you that you have to get their desserts, that they are incredible and worth it, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

So, what would you order at Taverne F?   

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