Summer has already begun and yet like many of you have moved and will have set up their outdoor patio, this article might be of help. 

Personally, it's my first summer in my apartment with my boyfriend ans we're super excited to the idea of having our own private patio. Even more when we didn't have any room left in our former 4 1/2 bedroom apartment that I really went gaga by knowing I could decorate an outdoor space. 

According to my humble opinion, there are three essential elements for an amazing terrace: the lighting, the greenery and the sitting area. All that, considering the space (often too small) that we have. It's cuter having a smaller taller on a small terrace where you can easily move around (even if you only have two chairs) than a bigger table and asking everyone to stand up so that you could move and head back inside if you have to use the washroom. 

Personally as for the sitting area, I had a big challenge to face, since everything had to fit in my shed that is only 1m large (thing to consider when buying your table and chairs).  I then opted for IKEA since their table AND chairs are all pliable. #ThanksIKEA If you don't have a shed that is a big as a closet, mismatched chairs could really give an interesting vintage look or a full bench with cushions (please note to buy cushions that can go outside. The mold isn't too great). Inspiration here:

Source: OneKindesign

Source: OneKindesign

Then, the green area is ULTRA important. First and foremost, not only because it's pretty (indestructible argument here), it allows to have great plants at arms reach during summer (hello savings). AND it brings privacy and warmth even more if you live in the city. If's great to have a green space. Inform yourself before purchasing a plant on maintenance and its needs (forget the grocery store). Don't do like  my boyfriend and buy tomato plants without knowing if they are determinate or indeterminate … For the pots, there's nothing easier! The famous wooden boxes can be used again here, but for real, let your imagination go! Just try to have a clue that the arrangement is not chaotic. inspiration:

Source: Gardening for life

terrasse 4

Source: Bloglovin'

Finally, lighting is the last element to consider. It is the element that will create all the atmosphere at night, when you have your glass of vino in hand to relax and hope that tomorrow the mercury won't fall under the  30 degree mark! Make sure the lighting is sufficient and suitable for outdoor (please avoids electrocution, thank you). I love the mixture of candles and lights in garland (besides, there's the good choice and IKEA works with solar energy and more)! inspiration:


terrasse 5

Source: Being Bohemian

terrasse 6

Source: Home Depot

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Source: Christmas Lights Etc

How about now? How you inspired?

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