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Last Summer, we were contacted to work in collaboration with a new Montreal brand named  Les poupounes de luxe. We right away accepted because 1- we identify ourselves within the brand’s ethics, 2- the founders, Nat and Jen are super friendly and 3- we love discovering and making you discover local brands.

History 101 behind this brand: these two girls have been friends for a very long time. Nat is the designer behind Poupounes de Luxe and wears a size 20. As of Jen, the one who takes care of the business aspect of the company, wears a size 0. They are both polar opposite on the size chart and they raised the question on why it isn’t possible for women of different sizes to not be able to shop under the same roof? For Nat, it is a difficult task to go shopping since there are consistently less choices for a plus size clientele and the price tag tends to be higher, even for basic pieces. Which is why the idea of Poupounes de Luxe came to life: a brand that will perfectly dress ALL women of all shapes and sizes.

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We met them at their atelier which was located in the basement of Nat’s parents’ house in the Mont-Royal district. They moved their atelier since, and we cannot wait to visit their new installation. It right away clicked between all four of us, we started talking, going from history of our brands to beauty standards in the fashion industry and what we wish to change/or contribute. Sometimes, upon meeting new individuals, it simply clicks and for us, it thankfully did. Both of these girls are passionate, go-getter and we feel they created their brand for the good reasons. In an industry where fashion never ceases to dictate us what we should wear, these two girlfriends are a breath of fresh air. They simply wish to offer timeless pieces. When they started telling us their story, we were touched: we wanted to help them out in our way, to share with them. Their brand is way more than a clothing line, it’s a mission in changing the mindset and that, takes a lot of time and effort.

Poupounes de luxe’s Facebook Page

Cam and I were invited to choose an outfit, the same one, to show that even with different morphologies and obviously her and I don’t wear the same size, we can still pull off perfectly the same dress. We then chose the classic Little Black Dress, perfect for a cold day all thanks to its long sleeves and we also love the cute asymmetrical detail at the leg  that adds a little sexy touch. Furthermore, the fabric is soft and ÜBER comfortable, there’s no way Nat and Jen will make compromises with comfort. I had a soft spot for this dress since I had the impression I never have enough little black dresses that can be worn pretty much any day at any occasion. It’s simply perfect and it goes with any accessories. Do you like it?

  2015 09 21_01_03 2015 09 21_01_02B2015 09 21_01_042015 09 21_01_05To discover their whole clothing line,  here’s their website

What we’re wearing:

Dresses: Les poupounes de luxe  

Cam’s shoes: Aldo 

Viv’s shoes: Minitrade (Vivienne Westwood)  

Jewelry: Flora Ciccarelli  

Cam’s makeup: Lauren Lieberman  

Viv’s makeup: Katia Proulx

Photos : Michelle Gagné

2015 09 21_01_072015 09 21_01_092015 09 21_01_082015 09 21_01_06

Camille at the atelier, while trying on their sleeveless vest and trousers from their collection:

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