Today, I'm wearing a Pajar winter coat which we've received during the Holidays. Evidently, November and December were warmer than usual so I didn't truly have the chance of going out for a test drive at that time, yet today, after a few days graced with an ungodly cold, here's Chloé's report since she was the lucky girl who kept today's featured item: 

Chloé: Winter has we all know it in Montreal took its time before setting in and I couldn't wait until I'd be able to wear my new acquired coat. After braving these last cold days, let me tell you that in terms of efficiency, this Pajar coat has exceeded all my expectations. It's obvious that when you're still shivering even with a great winter jacket on, the latter isn't of great quality, with my Pajar coat, it was the opposite, I felt super hot and you know what, I'd take it any time over feeling cold. This one was the perfect balance in between both that will allow you to be fully comfortable outside, regardless of the temperature. Even in the metro (which, let's be honest here, is overdoing it with the A/C system at times), I don't have the desire to take it off and I'm okay with keeping it on until I arrive at my destination. Moreover, this pockets remind me of soft and comfortable mittens, which allows me to leave the house without brining my gloves. I don't know about you guys, but loosing a pair of gloves each year and taking them off every two seconds whenever you're paying for something, getting your OPUS card or simply send a text message, it's pretty annoying! Which is why these little integrated pockets have become my favorite aspect about that new coat and another reason why I've fallen in love with the latter every time I wear it. 


Virginie: I paired this coat with a sweatshirt from Slow Collection, which I a local brand I love simply because  this is the only thing I'd wear during any occasion where the dress code calls on the casual side. I love its floral denim texture and most of all, its quote which is proper to the brand : Made for Chillin'. Oh hell yes darling!


Virginie_3_VL_001 Virginie_3_VL_006 Virginie_3_VL_004

I'm wearing:

Coat: Pajar

Sweater: Slow Collection

Jeans: Yoga Jeans from Second Clothing

Boots: Chaussures Pop

Makeup: Kellie Arlene Farfan

Stylist: La ruche blanche

Photos: VL Photo

Virginie_3_VL_003 Virginie_3_VL_005 Virginie_3_VL_008

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