All week long we have to make an effort in dressing up to the nines (well ok, we still come to work in a hoodie, with no makeup and a disheveled bun, but that's pretty rare since we have meetings and events almost everyday. Once we reach the weekend, unless we go out to celebrate, we love wearing COMFY clothes. And when we say COMFY, nothing can be figure hugging, non elastic fabric mustn't be worn, our skin can only feel soft material no makeup that will wear off after awhile, etc. True definition of comfort. 

During our latest photo shoot, we each received a pair of lazy pants in a traditional colour (for me) and an other that is a tad more out there for Camille, which is an intense neon green-yellow. As we were putting our lazy pants on, we were doomed, we couldn't take them off. The fact that they were thick, soft and warm… well alright, it isn't ideal of wearing the latter in a 30 degree weather unless you're indoor where the AC is working, but for a weekend at the cottage after the sun has set and you're starting to make a fire, there's nothing better to wear. Moreover, since they are figure hugging, we won't feel ashamed of wearing the latter at the grocery store. We chose to wear them with CHRLDR t-shirt for maximum comfort. 


What we're wearing:

Sweatpants: Lazy Pants

T-shirts: CHRLDR

MUA: Glambar Mtl

Photos by: Satya Jack

IMG_5583 IMG_5574

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