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I grew up in the Maritimes. Needless to explain where comes my love for seafood. Crab, shrimp, mussels, fish … I love it all. Aside of lobster though. That I can't, they scare me. However, there's one thing that took me a while to learn to love: oysters. My parents love it and it was with my mom that I learnt to appreciate it for the first time. Since then, the rest has become history and I am now a big oyster enthusiast. 

Yes, at first, it feels weird. Dragging a wet stuff from a shell to your mouth and chew it after… I mean, it doesn't sound super attractive nor appetizing. You might not love the experience on your first time (nor second perhaps), but it's an acquired taste and after that, you'll see how tasty oysters can be. Oysters are usually served with lemon quarters, mignonette sauce, Tabasco, etc. I'd say I'd rather eat it as it is, often with a bit of mignonette sauce of lemon. My boyfriend would rather eat his oysters seasoned with mignonette sauce. There are several ways to bake oysters: au gratin, Rockefeller style, etc.  I hardly see the interest to cook an oyster with cheese or other, it's so good just as it is that you don't need to add anything!


Recently, my boyfriend and I had the chance of eating oysters on behalf of the blog, not only to discover a new kind of champagne -Laurent Perrier. All that in event of "Oystermania", an initiative of Resto Mania.  They aim to make gastronomic events in Montreal available by offering discounts and coupons, a little bit like Groupon. Pretty amazing deal! The cost of a dozen oysters and an alcoholic beverage is only 10$ – it's very affordable indeed. Wish to know more about the event, it's right here.



Besides, funny fact, the restaurant was full and each duo had between one and two dozen oysters. Opening oysters isn't the easiest thing, nor the fastest. I asked how many shuckers they had  in order to keep pace. They were at least 6! Speaking of oysters, there are different types and tastes – when I have the chance to eat oysters from Prince Edward Island (such as Irish Points or Rasperry Points), I'm still pretty excited, since I always think they taste a bit like the sea, it's a feeling right down memory lane each time. During the evening, it was Irish Points that were provided by poissonnerie La Mer. They have also a wide selection of oysters on site. If you wish to have a theme night with your friends… that could be grand, just saying!



Being at this launching event, we were also spoiled with champagne! One of Oystermania sponsors was  Laurent Perrier champagne. I'll admit it, I haven't of it beforehand. But to be honest, it was delicious. Ok, if you tell me that all champagnes are tasty, I'd believe you… but let's say the next time I'll have to buy a bottle of champagne, I'll go for a Laurent Perrier. Not as dry and more like a "Chardonnay" taste, it was truly a great discovery.



This promotion offered by Resto Mania is in effect in 15 different restaurants in Montreal until October 30th (on Sunday). We're probably going back again and I'm strongly suggesting you to go have a look if you're a fervent oyster lover.


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