Everybody knows the chorus of Garbage's "Only Happy When it Rains". Often during summer, when it's hot and raining, I suprise myself from smiling. I've always found it funny to walk and be soaking wet. Is it because it makes me laugh to see others pouting? Perhaps. And each time, this song is stuck in my head. However, when it calls for rain and the mercury grazes freezing point, like the majority of any mere mortals, my smile instantaneously disappears and I am chilled to the bone. 

camille dg, printemps camille dg, printemps, manteau, happy when it rains

In that case, I love and hate the rain… it all comes down to my mood and depends on the season. 

However, rainy days fashion-wise are fantastic! I love an outfit where one wears a raincoat and boots. At least, it's the basic. That say, when I went to Le Château and saw their cute spring raincoat available in both blue and pink, I couldn't resist. I had to get it. This particular model is indeed soft and feminine with its golden buttons and the fact that it's fitted at the waist seals the deal. Even the hoodie is adorable. To add a chic touch, I opted for a pair of faux leather gloves. It sounds odd to say that I can't wait for colder weather conditions to wear the latter again.

camille dg, printemps, manteau, happy when it rains

Moreover, this type of coat can be worn at a windbreaker when the sun is the attendance, meaning there's no need to wait for any raindrops before wearing the latter.

I'm wearing:
Coat – Le Château
Boots – Call it Spring
Gloves – Le Château
Photos – Vikki Snyder

camille dg, printemps, manteau, happy when it rains

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