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For a long time now, I’ve been saying that I’m not the type of woman who wears a one-piece swimsuit unless it’s to do laps. I simply didn’t think that they suited me all that much. Truth is, I have a short torso and the swimsuits often flattened my small breasts, making me look flat as a board. A one-piece swimsuit that’s flattering… does such a thing exist? Yes, it does!

THE prettiest one-piece swimsuit I’ve ever seen!

I finally found a one-piece swimsuit at Bikini Village that will flatter every woman’s body regardless of shape or size. The beautiful neckline, both front and back, adds a touch of  elegance without sacrificing the sexiness of a two-piece bikini! The straps on the back of the swimsuit can be adjusted to better fit the length of your torso (be it shorter or longer). They also provide greater support for women who are more generously endowed than me.

Where did we take these pics?

From now on, you won’t hear any more excuses from me: I just had to find a terrific one-piece swimsuit that fit! The pics in this article were taken by my friend Sarah when we went to Bota Bota, a spa in the heart of Montreal. Their new pool facilities house three pools, a sauna, a rest area and more. I’d been there often during the summer but this was my first wintertime visit and I really enjoyed it! By the way, I also received the bikini version of this swimsuit… pics HERE!

The look:

Swimsuit – Bikini Village

Location – Bota Bota

Photos – Sarah Rouleau

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