Back to work, after a holiday can be tough. Not necessarily because you don't like your job or work environment… it's just that after a dozen of days of waking up whenever you want or doing whatever your heart desires and wherever you wish, well jumping back in your daily routine isn't that easy and you end up wondering when you'll be able to hop back on the adventure bandwagon. I've been back at the office for less than a week after an incredible trip to Japan and that's how I'm currently feeling. I was happy to see my work buddies once again, but seeing 609 emails that awaited my presence (I'm not even kidding here – but several of them were already sorted out, I simply had to read them once again just to make sure), I would've loved to teleport back to Tokyo and stay there longer. Moreover, it was in November, the month of grey sky, sunset at 4pm and sad trees naked of their leaves and obviously to top it all off, first snow fall of the year. Not really my cup of tea nor inspiring. I try to comfort myself reminding me how the Holidays are approaching and think about those days spent outside of the office where I could snuggle in my black with my dog Édouard and quality moments with my family. I also reminded myself how I had to come back to reality in order to start the week on the right foot. I also try to create great outfits in the morning, I mean just doing that lightens up my mood in no time. In that spirit, here's an outfit perfect for work (for those who can't wear sheer pieces or are uneasy with the latter, you can simply add a basic tank top underneath in order to cover the skin).

_DSC5530 _DSC5520

I'm wearing:
Blouse: Beurd
Skirt: EntreNousLC
Glasses: Bonlook
Watch: Olivia Burton
Heels: RW&CO
Photos: Vikki Snyder

_DSC5533 _DSC5548 _DSC5572 _DSC5580

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