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Why is new so good? Humans in general… I’ll speak for myself and maybe you’ll relate.  I always want the new thing, but trust me not technology just fashion wise.  I think in a sense we all become unsatisfied with what we have. Is it sad? Yes! Is it normal? I would say so.  We created a world where we keep on inventing new stuff to fit our needs, and it never stops because the new “stuff” fills up a need but creates another one and so on… unfortunately, that way of being made us needy and unsatisfied in every possible way.  We all have that one girlfriend that dates a guy for a few months and then gets fed up and wants the new guy that moved in her building.  Well I’m that girl when it comes to clothing.  I wear that shirt that I absolutely needed when I tried it in the store and after wearing it once or twice I fell in love in the same way with another piece.  Can I talk to myself and leave an item there when it doesn’t fit my budget? Yes, and I think that’s the most important thing.  All this little intro to talk about my challenge. 

I came to realise that my challenge was stupid (if you haven’t read my previous articles I had decided to challenge myself to resist shopping for the duration of the summer). Okay! Okay! Not stupid; that’s pushing it.  The whole idea of taking care of the clutter was good but I realised my issue wasn’t buying new clothing(it is a little issue because I shop a lot but thats for future discussions) but not getting rid of the old one.  I am a very nostalgic person and for some reason I give a lot of importance to a piece of clothing.  Whether that piece of clothing was given to me as a gift or I wore it for a special evening, I remember those things and attach a memory to an attire.  My dad always told me “you can’t love something that won’t love you back!” So overall, the challenge wasn’t a flop but more of a realisation. 

On that note, I did end up shopping this week and wanted to share my new favourite trend.  STRAPPY BRAS. Overall this type of bra made me go shopping.  I bought mine online and found a few more on www.asos.com and also saw some cute models at forever21.com.  The reason I like this accessory since I do consider it an accessory; It dresses up a doll outfit and replaces the hassle of finding the perfect necklace.  It can easily become a trashy look so I recommend wearing it with something very simple and elegant.  I wore it twice already and both times it was with simple maxi dresses.  Apart from a choker I find that I always have trouble finding the perfect necklace for a maxi dress.  This was my new shopping discovery of the week.

So, I haven’t fully quit my challenge. By that I mean that I am trying to shop less and bring back less clutter to my apartment.  From now on what I am buying is a necessity and I consider a fashion “must” a necessity (haha).  Honestly though, I didn’t really strike out again because a bra is a female need not a piece of clothing, right? On that note go get yourself a strappy bra to sexy up that bland outfit and try not to wear it on those sunny days (I feel like it would make a weird tanning line).

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