I was invited the other day to test a new restaurant located in the Old Port of Montreal named Taberna. The concept? Typical Portuguese tavern (Portuguese translation as well), where you find Portuguese dishes such as piri-piri chicken, grilled sardines, chorizo and pasteis de nata tarts. Yummy indeed. I think it's fair to say how Portuguese food is indeed delicious and comforting. Since I visited Portugal in 2011, I'm always fascinated by the country's gastronomy. I love seafood, chorizo and all jokes aside, I can eat 5 pasteis de nata in one sitting. They're incredibly tasty. Moreover their wine list exclusively offers Portuguese wine in order for the clientele to fully live an authentic Portugue experience. 

After our evening, I came to the conclusion that this restaurant is the perfect setting for a date. Nice sit-in restaurant with an outstanding service, the ambiance is friendly and casual where oneself can feel at eased and relax. Moreover, the prices are surprisingly affordable and you can actually order a few plates to share, the latter is always a winning combination if you're on a date. I truly loved my experience and will for sure come back with my boyfriend in event of my future Portuguese chicken craving. 

BTW: Taberna also participates to MTL à Table and offers a 31$ table d'hôte from November 3rd til the 13th. Bon appétit! 

Here are a few pictures taken during our evening. 

This Portuguese tomato salad was fresh and perfect appetizer to start off dinner with grilled sardines served with peppers. 

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Their famous chorizo, straight out of the oven, a real delight. I've never seen any chorizo like this one served in any restaurant before.

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Piri-piri chicken served with fries and small salad. I liked being able to add a bit of piri-piri sauce since it's indeed delicious.

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And to conclude, the Pasteis de nata. I mean, if you haven't had one yet, hurry yourself ASAP to the restaurant and let your taste buds run wild. 

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