I've avoided for a long time to wear green. I'll always remember that one time when I was on tv in the morning and wore a green sweater on that day. I was also sick too. I threw up twice. I remember one time I wore it too for the blog but that was a millennium ago. I never wanted to wear this garment ever again. At all. I watch the rerun of that show, when I was sick that morning. And thought I was as green as this poor wool sweater. Oh god. It's not easy to be on television and even less so doing live tv (I mean, thank god I didn't threw up live on the set, even though the story would've been funnier as it is now). But now, 5 years down the road, I've made my peace with this color on wool attire and I love it once again. Ya! Indeed not all shades of green look well on everybody. Might as well give you this tip. When you'll go shopping for your green sweater, go directly to the store and not buy it online. Only in store, you can truly see if this hue suits your skin complexion. Another tip that might be helpful is to wear a necklace that sits closer to your neck or even in another colour, it creates a barrier or color-blocking in a way… That say, that's how I wear my green sweaters, and for today's outfit, I've decided to opt for a beige necklace. 

For their latest collection, RVCA offers this semi-transparent green sweater that I truly find amazing. I love how it covers my chest since the sheer aspect of the sweater only starts at the bottom, it eases the choice of my bra in the morning. Moreover, the same sheer aspect located on the sleeves is only at tip of the latter. Sexy without revealing too much skin. 

For a few weeks now, I've started to wear heels everyday at the office. It seems this happens more once fall has arrived. Go figure! That say, whenever I wear a sweater paired with a nice pair of black jeans (like in today's outfit) adding a pair of cute pumps changes the whole outlook. 

_DSC8054 _DSC8073 _DSC8042 _DSC8091 _DSC8019

I'm wearing:

Sweater – RVCA

Jeans – RVCA

Pumps – Aldo

Necklace – Twenty Compass

Watch – Timex

Photos – Vikki Snyder

Location – Au Sommet Place Ville Marie

_DSC8036 _DSC8097

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