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With a glass of rosé in one hand and being in one of the most beautiful suites of Montreal's W Hotel, I attended a happy hour to celebrate a Montreal designer's latest accomplishments: meet Nico. We've already written about this talented man several times on the blog (here, thereand here again) and it's with great pleasure  that I'm taking this opportunity to write once again about Nico. Last Wednesday, Nico presented a few pieces from its new 2016 summer collection as well as its new website that just launched: A new way to get your hands on one of Nico's latest creations!


Not only 2 years into the fashion industry, Nico Design offers a complete selection of menswear. Shipping to Canada and the States, each piece is made in Quebec and supports local resources. Upon a cape or coat type purchase, you obtain an appointment in order to create the perfect custom made piece, and there's no additional charges for that service; it'll allow you to get your own personalized item and certainly it'll leave a very happy customer! Waltzing with different fabrics such as linen, Italian silk as well as different floral patterns, stripes and camouflage, it is evident everyone will find something they like. Little trivia fact, each piece has its own name and the latter is in fact a street from Montreal!

NICO-W-020__1464908201_198.48.218.62 NICO-W-004__1464907552_198.48.218.62 NICO-W-019__1464908120_198.48.218.62 NICO-W-009__1464907661_198.48.218.62


The summer collection just launched not too long ago and Nico has already both hands tied to his sowing machine preparing his upcoming fall/winter collection. Specializing himself in menswear, women will also have the privilede to buy Nico Design in future collections. Over the last few months, his business has grown and has now made a name for himself in Montreal's fashion scene. He recently created Maxime Le Flaguais' ensemble for this year's Gala Artis as well as the amazing gown that was worn by Dominique Gagnon at the Ste-Justine Hospital Bal. #FabLife


If you want to know more about Nico's new arrivals or anything Nico related, you can browse on his  Facebook page and also check the online  boutique. Oh and by the way, the event took place in a suite where Rihanna sojourned during her time in Montreal last April… HOW FAB IS THAT?

Photos taken by : Philippe-Olivier Contant.

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