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I find it important to encourage locals, whether it’s artists, restaurants (that are not international chains), farmers… Which is why, today, I wanted to talk about a new clothing company. I always love to discover new brands, especially Canadian ones.  This mystery new brand is from Montreal; here is how I found out about them. A few months ago a friend of mine from college started a clothing line.  I first found out about it through social media because that is the way to start a brand these days.  The official launch of this brand was at the end of August.  I was lucky enough to receive one of her creations and I wanted to share my love for it with you guys (oh and trust me I am not biased because I know the designer, even if I didn’t I would love the products just as much).

Fall fashion 2017

Source: Tom Morrison

First, let’s discuss the brand Essential Collection a little.  Jennifer is a designer based out of Montreal.  She started this project about nine months ago while her boyfriend had a night shift work schedule. She decided that Netflix evenings would get old and if she had to spend her evenings alone she should be doing something constructive.  Living at her parents’ house also motivated her to start this whole project, financially speaking.  She then came up with the idea of starting her own clothing line which has always been a dream of hers.  The name of her brand “Essential Collection” is very literal. Overall, her tops are everyday wardrobe essentials that can be worn to hang out, work and outings.  Jennifer loves crop shirts but didn’t want her collection to be specific to a body type.  Why should crop tops be strictly for a slim fit body figure? Her clothing is made to fit any type of woman.  She came up with her designs after printing out silhouettes, using her imagination to draw and design.  After figuring out what her main ideas would be she researched places that could recreate her looks.  She found the perfect materials and a production team in downtown Montreal to make her whole project come to life.  The Essential Collection clothing is currently uniquely sold online on their website and cannot be found in any stores.  I am sure this will change pretty soon and I have recently actually seen a post about it on their Instagram, so check out their page to find out where these beauties will be sold in the near future.  The collection makes me think of American Apparel; trendy, simple, fitted, classics with an edge and the quality of the material is also very much like AA.  American Apparel having disappeared from the map makes our essentials hard to find… but not anymore, thanks to Jen.


Source: Tom Morrison

In the pictures of this article I am wearing the pullover of her first collection.  I am deeply in love with it for many reasons: the style, the comfort and the simplicity.  The pullover has a sporty vibe but can still be worn with classic pants and shoes.  Dressing up and accessorizing this sweater was my favourite part about receiving it.   Streetwear is often seen as casual attire but, trust me, it’s always possible to dress up a piece of clothing.   For this outfit I am wearing pink shades to enhance the streetwear look, clean black ankle pants and patent ballerina-style shoes to dress up the whole outfit.    I could’ve just worn the pullover with sports attire but I love to broaden people’s horizon by mixing different styles together.

I think this is the perfect time of the year to purchase comfortable warm sweaters because let’s face it, fall came early.  Check out their Instagram (@_essentialcollection) page because when they hit 500 likes they will have a giveaway contest!


Fall fashion

Source: Tom Morrison

Pullover: Essential Collection

Pants: Value Village

Shoes: Winners

Source: Tom Morrison



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