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Whether they complement your outfit or are the centre of attention, nails are by far the best way to put your fashion sense forward. Doing your nails is a way to get some “me time” and keep in touch with your creative side (although I do enjoy getting them done professionally once in a while, such a nice way to treat yourself!). There are however so many designs, colors, and shapes you can choose to create that it tends to get overwhelming. Here are a few of my favorite styles, including those that made the cut for this year’s New York Spring Fashion Show!



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Glittery Nude Nail Design

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nude nails

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Nudes have always been in style but since last fall (and carrying on into this spring) these shades have become more and more notorious! They're elegant, effortlessly chic and come in so many different undertones so you can play around with different hues and see which ones you prefer and best suit your skin tone. The coolest thing about this trend? Your nails will perfectly match any of your outfits!

Pastel Shades

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rose quartz and serenity

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Everywhere you looked at this year’s spring fashion show, models would be wearing pastel colors. So why not include them in your manicure? These shades are so pretty and will perfectly compliment any feminine outfit. I just love the way the colors of the year make the perfect ombré nail (another big trend, so pretty and soft). But, if you wanna get edgy, add some studs and glitter, and girl you’ll be slayin’. 

Shattered Glass

Shattered glass

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This nail trend was made popular by Eunkyung Park, a Korean celebrity nail artist, who used pieces of cellophane in order to mimic the appearance of broken glass. This trend took Korea by storm last fall and is definitely a must try for 2016! You can try a darker color during winter and work your way to lighter iridescent shades in time for spring! If the thought of cutting up cellophane and struggling with the static gives you a headache, you can buy precut stickers or premade press on nails (they're so pretty)!

Metallic Accents



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Metallics began to gain popularity in 2015 and they’re definitely going to be a staple this year, they were all over the runways! Whether you’re using nail art stripping tape, foil, flecks or a metallic polish, you will definitely be the centre of attention with this look! It’s both classy and edgy, and will take your nail game up to the next level! 

Aztec Designs


Source: Tarte Cosmetics

Gorgeous Aztec Nails

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Aztec designs are one of my favorites because there’s no limit to how creative you can get! So many of today's clothes and jewelry feature these designs so you're sure to be on trend with this one.It’s edgy and just as stunning in dark metallic shades as it is in pastel! You can even take it a step further and throw in some studs and negative space nail art! 


What's your favorite nail design? Let me know in the comment section bellow! 


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