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My love for Montreal is endless. Regardless of the day, this incredible city always has something to offer. Going from our iconic winter festival Igloofest to Montréal en lumière and Poutine Week… obviously the list goes on and on; my love for my city grows each day. Even more when I was abroad last winter since every time a fellow traveler would ask me where I came from, my response instantly sparked an spontaneous reaction which resulted in receiving many great comments about my beloved Montreal. And at times, those travelers never set foot in the Great White North and yet, were already in love with the city. I guess this means something, am I right? 

Montreal truly is the only place in the world where I'm able to speak 6 languages -some more fluently than others- in one night (I've been to 16 European countries, believe me, I know what I'm talking about here), all thanks to Mundo Lingo which is a cultural event in Montreal that occurs twice a week -stay tuned, I shall write an entire article on the latter! Aside of culinary wonders, countless music festivals to great sightings, I'm proud of being a Montrealer whenever I get the chance of supporting local brands such as Meemoza. The eco-friendly brand describes itself as "a combination of femininity, conscience and well-being, Meemoza. Inspired by nature and its vivacity, our designer, Emilie Rioux, favors a delicate and authentic aesthetic, with an affection for memories of the past." So here I am, sporting this cute top and skirt from Meemoza feeling on top of the world as we shot these pictures on our suite's outdoor terrace at the W hotel. Montréal, tu rayonnes!

duchesne_frederique-5814 duchesne_frederique-5819 duchesne_frederique-5811 duchesne_frederique-5820

I'm wearing : 

Top and skirt : Meemoza

Faux leather jacket:  Forever21

Shoes : Stolen from Viv

Necklace : Tiffany & Co.

Charm bracelet : Thomas Sabo Charm Club

Beaded bracelet with silver plate : Thomas Sabo Love Bridge collection

MUA: Annie Bessette, using NARS products

Photos by : Frédérique Duchesne

Location : W Montreal


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