I've always loved sporty bikinis that'll allow me to do any activities without feeling conscious about my clothes. When I started collaborating with Bikini Village and had to choose swimsuits, today's featured bikinis were my favourites. Why's that? I fell in love for their neutral colors and for its simplicity. They may be similar yet they're pretty different. 

The first is a triangle bikini and the other one has a halter top. By seeing this O'Neill triangle bikini, I fell in love because of the strings passing in the middle of my chest. It allows to truly defined my chest and to add a sensual touch to a timeless piece. Also note the bottom doesn't cover much. 

As for the second look, which comes from Billabong, goes all the way up to the neck. We wether love or hate it. As for me, I'm all for it. Yes, in terms of sunbathing, this may not be ideal. Let's be clear here. But, this bikini is indeed trendy and it'd allow me to do any kinds of sport without feeling one of my girls would try to expose itself. I love the openings' details on the side of the bottom. It makes it different and I could wear the latter with many other tops I already own. 

Which one of these two is your favourite?

_MG_7180 _MG_7229 _MG_7184

I'm wearing:

Swimsuits: Bikini Village

Photos by: Eva Maude TC from La ruche blanche

Location : Strom Spa

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