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For my twenty-second birthday I had purchased this amazing wool sweater.  I’ve always loved fashion forward accessories such as this one.  But sometimes the world is just not quite ready for them.  Now that I count the years this was almost three years ago because my birthday is three weeks from now.  Just to set the scene and explain the name of this sweater I have to tell you the full story.

That year we had celebrated my birthday in North Conway at my boyfriend’s parents’ cottage.   My friends from Montreal and I had driven there to meet my boyfriend and his friends from Boston.  Even if we were at a cottage, in the woods, in the middle of January I needed a birthday outfit.  I had planned to wear a lovely jumpsuit with my beautiful wool sweater purchased in the designer section at winners (gift from me to me.) As soon as I did my grand entrance with my new favourite sweater my boyfriend laughed and baptized it “the carpet sweater”.  Thinking about it now, it does have a feel of the classic bathroom carpet.  Since then I had never worn it again, because the world wasn’t ready for it… until now.

Lately everything oversized, fluffy and furry has been the trend of the hour.  My sweater was too avant-garde for that time but now it fits right in.  Tasteful oversized clothing can be very distinguished and proper while being fashionable.  I’ve always had something for fur and I know I’ve shared this numerous times (no judgements please.). But lately I haven’t been against the whole faux fur phenomenon.  I kinda like the pastel-coloured oversized faux fur jackets.  They have a modern 80’s feel.  Enough about my love for the current trends today it was about my sleeveless wool “carpetesk” sweater.  So about two weeks ago, I went out for lunch at La Société in Toronto with good friends.  If you’ve never been there, it’s worth the stop.  This French-inspired bistro is popular for its accurate atmosphere.  The first location was originally in Montreal and after the big hype they made their arrival in downtown Toronto.  Restaurants as beautiful as this one influence my attire.  So I decided it was time to finally rock my memorable carpet sweater and guess what, I didn’t get any negative comments regarding it’s flamboyant look.  I felt amazing and confident and I think that’s always the trick when it comes to a shocking outfit.  Looking awkward and shy reflects on the whole look.  Maybe the first time I wore it I wasn’t as confident, who knows.  Again I know I repeat myself sometimes (all the time) but if you’re not comfortable in a piece of clothing it will show in your attitude, so do not over do it.

Lesson learned, I will never let my avant-garde taste vanish.  Also lesson to the whole world: without hoarding, you should never get rid of a piece of clothing that is dear to you.  Maybe they are not trendy at that specific moment but trends come and go.  Maybe what wasn’t trendy 10 years ago is now back in the hot seat.  Oh, and always be yourself because people love you for who you are (My boyfriend still dates me, even after all those over the top outfits. Well, at least I think he does?)

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