People say you’re blunt, strong and even combative! They say you have a fiery nature and are perpetually ready to fight to defend your opinions… and it is a bit true … BUT only when those opinions truly matter to you. You surround yourself with people who have equally strong opinions. You detest passivity! You fear timidity because it intimidates you. You are often accused of being noisy (but that doesn’t mean you have a hearing problem, thank you very much!); however, it would be truer to say that you love to share your love of life with everyone… even if they are strangers in the Metro.

You’re a woman of action who never fails to make her presence known (although it isn’t always called for! Oopsie.) You would never hesitate to come to the defence of the defenceless (and your drunk friend) and that says a lot about you. Impulsive and spontaneous, you’re unafraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone because, for you, life is but an adventure! Taking up a new sport, dancing the rumba with a stranger, tossing a bag of chips at a passing car, you’re always up for a new challenge. Your friends admire your fearlessness.

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Your impulsiveness can sometimes land you in hot water but you always manage to get out of it thanks to quick thinking (and past experience)! Perhaps “think twice before saying something you might regret” comes to mind?! You are direct, friendly, and extroverted. You like to surround yourself with as many people as possible. You are considered competitive, when all the while, you simply wish to relive the high of winning. Heaven help anyone who gets in your way!   

There are no gray areas with you; it’s either yes or no, black or white, Voldemort or Harry Potter. You don’t like ambiguity; preferring to know where you stand in all areas of your life.

You hold onto your independence in matters of the heart for fear of routine. Forever on the move, you need a partner who is ready to jump into the thick of the action; someone who keeps you feeling challenged. You don’t need anyone to come to your rescue because you can rescue yourself. Your Don Juan better be forewarned that you’re not the type to stay home watching TV so they’d better be ready and eager to join you!

Being creative and a natural born leader, you use your fertile imagination to work your way up through the ranks or to impress the people around you. You’ve never lacked ambition. You’re not afraid of breaking the rules of convention or taking the path less travelled and many would say that you should throw yourself into politics! #makethatpresidentoftheworld

astro béliers personnalité genre signe

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Although you are driven by nature, if you don’t reach a goal as quickly as you are accustomed to, you’ll start making mountains out of molehills and give up far too easily. Breathe. Enjoy the journey instead of focussing solely on the destination.

In spite of your sanguine temperament and your strong personality, you are not a spiteful person; you can leave a second chance to those who deserve it.

Astrology is not an exact science so take it (all) with a grain of salt ;)

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