I’d be hard pressed to keep my love of Asian culture to myself. I have a penchant for East Asia; more specifically: China, Japan and Taiwan. It’s this love that gave me the idea to create a list of the best Asian restaurants worth discovering (or rediscovering) in Montreal (and Brossard). I’m always on the hunt for the flavors, the dishes and the products from that region. The restaurants on my list are, in my opinion, the best places for a taste of authentic Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese food right here in Montreal.

1. Sammi et Soupe Dumpling

Location: 1909 Sainte-Catherine W, Montreal

This is the place to enjoy delicious Xiao Long Bao. For those of you who might not be familiar with the dish, Xiao Long Bao are dumplings filled with pork broth. This soup will set off an explosion of flavour which your taste buds are sure to appreciate. While you’re there, sink your teeth into the cucumber and sesame salad… it’s absolutely delicious.


Xiao long bao Sammi soupe dumpling repas bouffe aliment asiatique

Xiao long bao Sammi soupe dumpling repas bouffe aliment asiatique

2. Mai Xiang Yuan

Location: 1082 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal

Located in the heart of Chinatown, this restaurant offers an almost limitless selection of boiled or fried dumplings. My favourites are the boiled dumplings made with pork and coriander.

3. Kam Shing

Location: 6730 Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal

I’m totally crushing on this Chinese restaurant. The complexity and variety of dishes listed on the menu can be a little overwhelming at first. I recommend trying the Orange Beef, General Tao Chicken and the Peking Duck.  All of the dishes are delectable and the portions are very generous.


Restaurant Kam Shing restaurant bouffe aliments repas asiatique

4.  Le bol d’or

Location: 1200 de Rome Boulevard, Brossard

Located on Montreal’s South Shore, Le Bol d’or (The Golden Bowl) is an absolute must for their General Tao Chicken and take-out menu. Just so you know, this Cantonese restaurant accepts payment in cash only.

5. Sushi Yasu

Location: 1200 de Rome Boulevard, Brossard

Forget the all-you-can-eat sushi joints. Instead, cross the Champlain Bridge for authentic Japanese cuisine. Sushi Yasu offers everything from ramen to sushi. The dishes are fresh and uncomplicated just like the ones you’d find in Japan.


Sushi Yasu cuisine japonaise bouffe aliments nourriture restaurant asiatique

6. Mon Shing

Location: 90 de la Gauchetière Street West, Montreal

I’m totally hooked on the Chinese fried tofu served at Mon Shing, located in the heart of Montreal’s Chinatown. The dish is seasoned to perfection and I can’t recommend it enough.


Restaurant Mon Shing plats chinois tofu bouffe repas asiatique

7. La Maison Kam Fung

Location: 7209 Taschereau Boulevard, Brossard

Are you familiar with the Chinese tradition of dim sum? They’re dishes served in bite size pieces that are easy to share. La Maison Kam Fung offers a Chinese dim sum every Sunday for brunch. The variety of dishes is impressive and there’s sure to be something to please everyone. Enjoy a dish or two (or three) with friends this Sunday!


La Maison Kam Fung dim sum bouchées bouffe repas restaurant asiatiqueSource: Pixabay 

8.  Nouilles de Lan Zhou

Location: 1006 St-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal

This is the place to enjoy a hot bowl of soup. The noodles are handmade by Artisans whom you can see at work through the restaurant’s front window. In my opinion, the medium-sized bowl of soup is a perfect portion for lunchtime.

9. La légende pâtisserie

Location: 68 de la Gauchetière W, Montreal

This place has always been one of my favourites for all kinds of pastries. The desserts, coconut breads and cakes are all homemade. I have a soft spot for black bean sesame balls ever since my visit to Taiwan. Give them a try!

desserts pains noix de coco gâteaux pâtisserie sésame haricots noirs asiatiqueSource: Pxhere

10. Dessert de Taiwan

Location: 61 de la Gauchetière Street W, Montreal

I recently discovered this place located in the heart of Chinatown. As you can tell from the name, Taiwanese desserts are their specialty. They also serve an enticing selection of bubble tea. Just so you know, their business hours are very random.

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