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Being blonde isn’t always easy. It can require a lot of upkeep depending upon your natural hair colour. Mine is dark blonde so I’ve always lightened it, for the most part, to a true blonde. All that to say that I understand how challenging it can be to keep our hair colour looking great. It tends to turn golden ALL THE TIME. I should probably mention that my hair is long. In fact, it falls to the small of my back… So it costs me an arm and a leg to get it done professionally. I simply can’t afford to have my hair colour touched up once a month. I recently made a discovery that was a real game changer. “Color Maintain – Silver” is a blue shampoo by Alter Ego. I’d heard about it a few times but had never taken the time to try it for myself. I recently had my hair professionally coloured so I decided that this was the perfect time to test the shampoo.

shampoing bleu blonde

How does it differ from the others?

Well, let’s just say that it blows my mind. I’ve tried quite a few in my life but none can compete with this shampoo! It keeps my hair colour going strong, eliminates brassiness, and provides sun protection for bleached hair. That’s a lot of benefits from a simple shampoo, right? Well, there’s more! The extra conditioning nutrients in this shampoo leave hair beautifully textured.

How do we use it?

I’ve never tried a blue shampoo so I did a little experimenting. Now, I give my hair a first wash with regular shampoo and then follow up with a second wash using Color Maintain – Silver. It’s important to work the shampoo through the entire length of your hair, being careful to saturate it completely. I let it soak in for anywhere between one to three minutes (it all depends on whether or not I’m running late), then I rinse and apply a (regular) conditioner.

How much does it cost?

Given that blue shampoo isn’t intended for everyday use, we don’t need to buy it as often as regular shampoo. You can purchase a 300ml bottle of Color Maintain – Silver at most hair specialty shops for $18.99 (the price can vary depending upon the shop). You can also buy it here. In my opinion, this blue shampoo offers great value for the price and is definitely worth trying.

SO, you’re blonde and you’re having a hard time maintaining your hair colour? Give this shampoo a try; you won’t be disappointed!

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