The biggest consumer group at this moment? Millennials. The people who are changing the fashion trends in the world we live in? Again, millennials. They are the absolute rulers of the fashion world; they make the rules and decide what is fashionable and what’s not. And most importantly, they are changing the status quo of the fashion world and introducing new trends and thus, new demands. But what are the imperatives of any millennial who’s into fashion? How do they choose what to wear and what’s chic? Take a look at the most important factors of all members of this generation for whom fashion is crucial:

Minimalism is the new black

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Try this experiment out: frame a nice, colourful poster, and next to it, place a framed piece of plain, white paper, and see what a millennial will choose. Minimalism is not only the key when it comes to the fashion industry; it is also widespread among fields of architecture, interior design and art in general. However, when it comes to fashion, it is one of the crucial resolutions. The more minimalistic you are, the better. Many experts have their ideas on why minimalism is so important to all millennials, but one thing is certain – they are the first generation that grew up in the technological revolution, and thus, the whole world seems smaller and more reachable to them. They tend to travel a lot and experience new things, and travelling with a house full of stuff is difficult. This whole minimalism trend naturally applies to the fashion industry as well, making it possible to combine different clothing items. Wearing regular white t-shirts with simple prints, choosing comfortable monochromatic high-waisted bikinis or going out completely unaccessorized is definitely a must, while having a minimalistic wardrobe is something all millennials have as their #1 goal.

Good value for money

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Another crucial aspect of each purchase of a millennial is the value they get for the money they spend. Even though fast fashion is very popular right now due to its affordability, millennials often tend to spend their money on something that will last longer and provide them with better service. That is why purchasing a good, high-quality branded piece of clothing is a must. Having in mind their minimalism tendency, you will often see minimalistic branded t-shirts from big companies worn by millennials. High-quality branded apparel companies will never go out of fashion and they will definitely last longer than a fast-fashion T-shirt.

Environmentally conscious

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This generation is by far the most environmentally conscious of all the age groups, and thus their buying habits are influenced a lot by this fact. Millennials do not only look for nice pieces of clothing – it is also very important for them that they are organic and eco-friendly. If you take a look at any store in the mall, regardless of whether it’s a hardware store, a clothing brand or a bookstore, you’ll see a plethora of eco-friendly products. According to a study by Nielsen, the most important thing for a millennial is that the product was made from sustainable and durable materials, and that it was manufactured by brands that advertise ethical practices. Even though this generation is not very loyal to a certain brand, it is highly likely they will come back to it if the brand establishes a good environmental reputation. This is why all the brands who advertised recycling in the fashion business gained some extra popularity.

To conclude, it is safe to say that millennials are the “fashion guru” force of today. They can be fashion stylists, models and even designers, as it is them who dictate the new rules of style. Moreover, if we take their environmentally friendly intentions into consideration, we can rest assured that their trends are definitely worth following.

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