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Let's just say, hypothetically, if I had to choose ONLY one type of makeup for the rest of my entire life, I would FOR SURE choose a mascara! No but seriously, is there any other better tool that enhances our face more than a mascara? The only downside here: you need to choose the proper one! Being a big mascara enthusiast myself, I've tried a few dozens which, let's be honest here, didn't all give a positive result. Which is why I've decided today, to ask some of my colleagues at LeCahier x TheBooklet to see which mascara was the best according to them. 

Virginie  : " I'm a sucker for Misencil's Mascara Glam since I wear extensions and this one is compatible with fake eyelashes meaning, I won't ruin them. It is perfect to use in between appointments… you know that moment when most of your fake eyelashes have fallen off, that little baby comes to the rescue to say the least!"


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 Cindy Ferland :   " I Love Extreme – crazy volume from Essence (costs only 4 $!!)  "


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Caroline Martin : « Mega Volume Miss Manga from L'Oréal !! »


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Bianaelle Gélina : " Smoky Extravagant from Make Up For Ever. It gives volume and makes my eyelashes look thicker. I've tried several mascaras and this particular one has been my favourite so far. There's also a waterproof version available. Both do the job."


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 Maude Sen : "Voluminous Manga Rock, seriously my favourite. However, I mix the brush with an older one, in order to truly separate to perfection my eyelashes. That say, I love this mascara's intensity, and truly enhances my lashes. And the price tag is also very appealing." 

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My favourite : "Like I've mentioned before, I've tried several before. That say, choosing one is definitely hard since if I was truly in love with one, let me tell you I'd have tens of these in my makeup pouch just in case! Any-who, I've rounded down to two mascaras that are both amazing.  Voluminous million lashes from L’oréal and  Scandaleyes xtreme from Rimmel ! "


Small tip: don't be afraid of applying two types of mascaras. If you have any suggestions or tips for us, feel free to write us at [email protected] or in the commentary section down below.

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