This past weekend, Cam and I went to Griffintown with our boyfriends to try Richmond's maple brunch which is available until April 2nd. I'll say this now: forget about going if you're vegan. This brunch is a 3 course meal and you get your fair share of  meat. The concept is simple: it's all about sharing plates. We all love this idea since it allows one to taste everything without having to choose one dish on a menu. 

Before starting off with the first course, I'd suggest in trying one of the cocktails specially made for this maple brunch. As for me, I tried the classic mimosa, but my three friends ventured in getting signature cocktails such as a Chartreuse hot chocolate. 

le richmond, brunch à l'érable

We started off with a green pea soup which contained a good portion of veggies. Then came the first share plate: a fresh fennel salad with creamy burrata covered with flakes of crispy maple (YUMMY!) A particularly interesting creation of the chef: what appears as a sweet mille-feuille such as we know them, which in fact is staged as a foie gras with black sausage mousse. It is rather heavy, I would not have eaten it in full. The taste of the foie gras was more present than the black pudding which makes it a rather unique and impressive dish.

le richmond, brunch à l'érable

le richmond, brunch à l'érable

(To be shared for 2)

Then came la Pièce de Résistance (or should I say pieces de résistance)… One can find on the plate mushrooms vol-au-vent, an immense block of bacon (wo), tender cheek of veal as one pleases, a piece of beef braised with some purée of potato in the marrow. Close by: the classic beans in bacon and a strata. Phew! Might as well add: we weren't able to finish everything between Cam and I. The guys either did not manage to finish their plate. It is very copious, and there desserts were on their way. 

le richmond, brunch à l'érable

It wouldn't be called a sugar shack concept without taffy on the snow. We were thus invited to go out on the terrace (moreover, it is safe to say we shall return in summer since the latter is humongous. The ambiance most be lively during warm weather conditions)  for a shot of Spell (I asked for a hot chocolate to put my Spell inside… I'm not too fond of doing shots early in the morning haha) and taffy on the snow. There was also maple cotton candy: instant favourite!

le richmond, brunch à l'érable le richmond, brunch à l'érablele richmond, brunch à l'érable

le richmond brunch à l'érable

Back inside, it was now time for dessert. Honestly, I was only able to take one bit. It was a stack fine crêpes with poached apples and of mascarpone vanilla. We had to put the caramelized peceans on the side since my boyfriend's allergic to nuts.

le richmond, brunch à l'érable

That say, if you're looking into going to a brunc with a sugar shack ambiance but in the middle of the city, Le Richmond is the place to visit! The menu has a fixed price of 45$ per person and will clearly please any meat lovers, that's for sure!

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