Through Le Cahier x The Booklet, I have the opportunity, day after day, to meet entrepreneurs who are passionate and rich in talent and creativity, looking to share their love with the entire world. When these 3 women behind the young brand named Dalaï Mala, Anne-Marie, Gabrielle and Camille, wrote to us in order to promote their new e-boutique, I was not only happy to help them, but I couldn’t wait to discover their jewelry line: malas, meditation necklaces used for a thousand years by buddhists as well as bracelets. Everything is handmade in Quebec with semi-precious stones and sacred groves. If you love yoga, you’ve probably already heard of malas since they are often used during the practice, but having a yogi’s flexibility isn’t mandatory.

Mala collection Automne 2015 (4496 sur 1)History 101

Their brand started from an astonishing way. Gabrielle wanted a mala and couldn’t find one that she liked, she then decided to make one of her own. Then, a friend of hers ask Gabrielle if she could make a new one and the idea came to sell malas on Etsy. Her living room became quickly submerge with beads and Anne-Marie and Camille decided to join in this adventure. They needed a new business strategy, contacted overseas suppliers, opened an Etsy boutique in order to test the market, etc. We have to say that they already have experience in business: Anne-Marie and Camille are also behind The Blondy’s Shop, an online boutique for renovated furniture and Gabrielle was her photographer. Creativity, ingenuity, these are ones to watch.Mala collection Automne 2015 (4553 sur 1)Why Dalaï Mala? Evidently, it was inspired by Dalaï Lama, spiritual buddhist guide, but it was also an homage to Dalaï, a late dog who nows shines through the brand. After 4 months and a great success, it is now time for the three of our entrepreneurs to officially launch their brand online, a platform that will not only allow them to sell their creations on an international scale, but also to inspire people. Mala comes with a tradition: before wearing it for the first time, you have to choose an intention, invest within the object a wish and hold on to it. Wearing the mala will bring you to remember our goals and live for them. We also say that each stones has a different vibration and each of these vibration have a different benefaction. You can believe it or not, but wearing a mala could never have a negative significance.    For fall, their newest collection named The Harvest Moon, means either a full moon or the harvest. It reminds me of the power to harvest latter. These colorful jewelry catch the light of the moon at night, symbolizing the fact that everything has a bright side and a dark side. For summer, Dalaï Mala launched a collection named The Native Collection where they had a bohemian vibe, recalling travels, beach, sand and the sun. You can see for yourself and witness the beauty. All photos here are from their fall collection. Mala collection Automne 2015 (5258 sur 1)Mala collection Automne 2015 (5315 sur 1) - CopieMala collection Automne 2015 (4391 sur 1) - Copie

I’m very exciting to follow their adventure and see what Dalaï Mala have in store for us in a new future.

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