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Some beauty trends are here to stay while others disappear almost immediately. You’ve probably seen a number of articles on social media over the past few months about magnetic false lashes. Already, we’re hearing less and less about them but I was curious to try them for myself. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

When we received a few pairs of magnetic false lashes in our office mail, I immediately tried on a pair. I have to say I wasn’t very impressed; as a matter of fact, I was quite disappointed. The lashes are very difficult to apply and uncomfortable to wear. Nonetheless, I kept them on during an event I attended later that same day. The lashes were so uncomfortable that I quickly removed them on the drive home.

I figured it was only fair to give the lashes another try before making a final decision. My second attempt was every bit as difficult as the first despite the fact that I used a new pair of lashes. I simply could not get them properly aligned. Regardless, I decided to keep them on for the remainder of the day. The magnets weighed down upon my lashes and I was unable to ignore the discomfort they caused. My third, and final attempt, was no better.

The magnetic false lashes were difficult to remove and no matter how slowly and gently I tried, they pulled on my natural eyelashes. Every attempt resulted in the loss of one or more of my eyelashes. Oh, the sacrifices I make for the love of makeup!

So, to answer the question “Magnetic False Lashes: Yea or Nay?”, the answer is a definite: NAY! I’m going to stick with traditional false lashes. Several of my clients have been asking me questions about magnetic false lashes so I’m glad I tried them because now I can say that they’re not worth the trouble (or discomfort!).

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