The following article is dedicated to all of those who have followed me through my crazy adventures (good or bad), who drank, cried, danced and laughed by my side. 

I believe we don't acknowledge and thank our friends enough for being part of our life. We are so engrossed in our everyday lives, our girlfriend, boyfriend, our job that we don't always take the time to realize we're actually surrounded by amazing individuals. 

Lately, my best friend, whom I've known for more than 10 years, and I started to tell each other "I love you" at the end of our phone calls. Sounds like we're an old married couple. True. We sometimes send each other cheesy texts to remind one another that if we don't see each other like we did back in high school, we're still there and I have my girl's back. 

It made me realized how I don't express as much as I would love to my profound love and gratitude I have towards my friends. Your group of friends is in a way a family you've carefully hand-picked. Despite differences, occasional set-backs and rare meltdowns, they're still the ones who pick you up from the ground and take you out after a umpteenth heartbreak.

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Over the years, I understood how people will come and go and not everyone will stay in your life. That's okay. Some friendships will be intense and short-lived. You'll have drinking buddies, gym buddies, friend with who you go on a trip with, classmates, partners in crime… rare are friendships that will last a lifetime. You need to carefully choose them because they are truly life's gifts to you.  A warm hug of some sort personified by a lady who holds your hair when you've drank one too many. 

Which is why I'm taking the time to thank every souls which crossed my path and left its mark in some way whether it was a direct impact on my life or simply for a moment. I hope I've made a positive impact on yours even if it were for only a brief moment. 

Even if we don't see each other as much as one would love to, I think of you guys.


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