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Since high school, I always owned a pair of flare jeans in my closet. Even when it wasn't the fashion. It seems that I wasn't capable of not owning one. I simply love the fit. There was a time when I wanted to wear what was in the fashion in order to follow the trend, I was a follower and didn't want to be outside that circle. Then, quite the opposite happened, I wanted to stand out, to shock people (shout out to my teenage years), then I started to follow the trends again. However today, I wish to be me. We come to a moment in our lives (and this particular moment doesn't have an age) where you know what suits us best, what fits our body and what makes us feel empowered (which is what matters most in the end). The fact that I need to wear heels every time I wear flare trousers makes me feel taller and empowered. I love this mile-long legs picture it gives. That say, when we first started seeing flare trousers coming back on stores' shelves again, I was the first one to be ecstatic!

Today, I'm presenting you a soft look that can easily bo worn in most of workplaces since the blouse offers a chic vibe to the ensemble. This blouse, although classic and original can be tied both at the front and back. The grid pattern and sheer vibe towards the bottom is the detail that makes all the difference. I imagined myself being one of the women from another era where chic, simplicity and style reigned… a bit like a Frenchwoman. I love the wool beige sweater that can protect me from colder evenings, simply put the latter over my shoulder and I'm all set. 

How do you like it?






I'm wearing:

Clothes – Yerse

Necklace – Camillette

Watch – Daniel Wellington

MUA – Cindy Contreras

Photos by – Guillaum 




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