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In our heads, the moment when we'll take out our swimsuits from our closet is in a distant future, unless you're leaving on a trip soon. However, February is also the moment where new Spring/Summer collections hit the stores. That say, it's at this exact moment we see the new trends for the season. I'm a tad obsessed when it's about swimsuits. Unlike a lot of people, I love shopping and love to collect them. I have way more than necessary, but that's another story. A few years ago, I only wore bikinis.Then, I spent two summers wearing only high cut bikini to nowadays, opting for one-piece whenever I can. It's great to see how diversified models in that style have become over the years, so many different models, various neckline to high and low (anything your little heart desires), backs that are more original than the other, materials, patterns… IN SHORT, a one-piece can make some heads turn as much as wearing a bikini if you ask me, however in my case, I find today's featured item more flattering. 

I won't tell you to wear THIS or THAT model in order to AVOID a certain cut at all cost. You can wear whatever you want, as long as you fell good in the process. As for me, I simply notice how great my body looks whenever I wear a one-piece. Bikini bottom with its elastic band instantly create a little crease that I don't particularly want to see on any of my holiday pictures. And obviously, I don't wish to become self-conscious among other people. Yes I know, we all have to learn to love our body just the way it is, but there are days when that task becomes harder. My tip is to have a swimsuit in which we truly feel empowered, without compromising on style, and not only from one angle. Those one-piece swimsuits truly have all those sought qualities and this is the reason why it's my current favourite style. 

Just before our latest photo shoot, I received two new models from Amoressa. I instantly fell in love for this emerald green even before having trying it on. They're designed in thick fabrics that have a curving effect (well, it's nothing magical here, but I do feel the support there). I don't know yet if the fabric dries as quick as a swimsuit made of a thinner fabric, I shall test the latter in a near future and get back to you. I love their flattering cuts that highlights the neckline by also supporting your girls and giving a different look as well! I paired two cover-ups from Winners for a summer and put-together look… just made me look forward to the hot season now!   

virginie6 virginie5 virginie7

I'm wearing:
Bathing suits: Amoressa
Cover-ups: Winners
Necklace: K8 Jewelry
Ring: Scaro Joaillerie
Location: Hôtel Le Crystal
MUA: Ann-Frédérique Tremblay 
Photos: Delphine N Photographie

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