Managing a blog and having monthly photo shoots is like have fun with fashion. Today, I chose to show you an outfit I wouldn't typically wear on a daily basis but found it fun to wear on a stage if I were to be a pop singer (which will NEVER happen all thanks to my ungodly awful singing talent). 

As for the bra, over the course of these past years, brands are now offering pieces with audacious cuts that stand out from the classic hoop bra. I love how high neck bralettes have become fashionable and how fun and socially acceptable showing this garment has become. It's a nice key piece to any given outfit. That say, I chose to wear the latter with those amazing trousers that I found at Winners. 

In order to wear this outfit on a daily basis, I would simply add a tank top or t-shirt over the bralette: there's no need to show your stomach (it wouldn't be too work appropriate in certain fields either).

bralette noire

Another thing I love about this look: how I succeeded in making a high bun. OK, this might sound weird, I'll admit. But just so you know, I've kept my hair short for several years. I used to have them long until the end of my high school years and some hairstyles such as this high bun type were truly missed. Who knows, maybe in the future I shall let grow my hair again. 

Whenever I put my hair in a high bun like this and wish to get a more dressed up look, I would then wear a statement pair of earrings that will captivate the attention. WellDunn's latest collection offers amazing pieces!

bralette halter noirehalter top noir top noir bralette bralette passionnata noire

bijoux welldunn

I'm wearing:

Bralette – Passionata

Trousers – Winners

Sandals – RW&CO

Silver jewelry – WellDunn

MUA – Ann-Frédéric Tremblay

Photos – Delphine N Photographie

Location – Hôtel Le Crystal

halter noir

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