I work a lot. Often. Almost all the time. I think about Cordmorse, Le Cahier and The Booklet constantly. It's almost sickening. But they are my babies. I think it's normal. But it's time consuming and drains my energy. I feel how I need to let everything go for a change and to relax a bit. Simply need this in order to make the swirling stop in my head. We often remind me how often I travel. It's not only for leisure, yes I love to travel but it's for a necessity. I remember as I were younger, I told myself how I wanted to see the world, that I would work just to save money to travel. Then my work has taken a big part of my life and I never did that big year long trip around the world I so long talked about. I founded my company at a very young age, without knowing if I would be based in Montreal. I don't regret a thing. I'm never been someone who regrets her past actions. But I need to escape, to travel, to get lost in translation. From time to time. Because after wanting to grow up for so long, I became an adult with real responsabilities before my time and I need to remind myself that I'm only 28 years old and I still have life in front of me… That say, I'm currently on a trip to Europe with my boyfriend and oh god, it's good to be away. 

As for my look, the in-between season look where we all wish to see our winter pieces disappear and wear our summer clothes. Not for me. I'm always cold (I always bring the heat up at the office and my colleagues renamed the place for a sauna) and I keep my sweaters close by even during summertime. For a real Quebec Spring look, I love to wear short wool dresses with long sleeves such as this one found at Joe Fresh. The latter is simple and versatile, but most importantly, you can wear the latter in the fall, winter and spring. I'd wear my dress with a leather jacket with little booties when the time would come to battle the 10-15 degree weather. 

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I'm wearing:

Dress: Joe Fresh

Bag: Chaussures Pop

Photos by: Michelle Gagné

MUA: Caroline Lachapelle

Location: Hôtel Nelligan

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