Lately, Viv and I have ditched our usual business attire in favour of casual everyday styles. Today however, we’re shaking things up yet again with two looks that are perfect for the office!

tristan, looks, lecahier

1. The more feminine woman

Viv’s femme fatale ensemble emphasizes the pleasure a fashionable woman takes in being well dressed. Viv’s playful approach to fashion, and her risk-taking nature, are reflected in her colourful outfit. Although quite chic, Viv’s skirt can easily be worn to a festive occasion such as Le Cahier’s recent event at which she paired the skirt with mile-high cobalt blue platform sandals and our white “Colle-moi j’ai froid” t-shirt.

tristan, looks, lecahier

2. The more masculine woman

I’ve always liked fashion that blurs the line between feminine and masculine. I’m a fan of tailored pants that can lend an air of authority to an outfit. Here’s a playful take on the classic black and white suit.

tristan, looks, lecahier
Although very different, both of these looks come from one boutique. Tristan. I must admit, I haven’t shopped there a lot in the past and I definitely didn’t realize that they offered a wide variety of office-appropriate clothing! Worth noting, Tristan employs Canadian designers and 30% of the company’s garments are manufactured right here in Canada. If you need a new outfit, be it for a job interview or a special occasion, Tristan’s is the place to shop for a chic clothing that will leave a lasting impression.

tristan, looks, lecahier


Clothing and accessories: Tristan

Photography: Vikki Snyder

tristan, looks, lecahier tristan, looks, lecahier tristan, looks, lecahier tristan, looks, lecahier tristan, looks, lecahier tristan, looks, lecahier

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