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Traveling seems like the most loved hobby and you’re right… it’s fun, exciting and adventurous, but sometimes we neglect some very little details that can ruin your day if you end up being in a pickle. So wether you’re going on a small trip or a long one, like me, I’d suggest you to take some notes and stay with me on this. I’m onto something big here!!

Small tip:  take all of the addresses down on both paper and on your electronic device (on your phone and also email a version to yourself and a relative back home)

Address #1 : Your first Housing

Alright this may seem stupid to some of you but still, stay with me! I’m traveling by myself in Berlin with two suitcases and one purse. The girl is on a tight friggin’ budget and wishes to take the public transit from the airport to her hostel (I can take a taxi, but I don’t want to. I’m probably going to change my mind once I’ll land, so we’ll see. But here’s the plan for now: the commute by public transit and that is it!). So already have an itinerary  mapped out in order to have a stress-free trip…  I’m probably going to be hyper as hell since I’ll be in a new city, but it’s always better to be slightly prepared than to completely feel like a lost sheep.

MY HOSTEL : Plus Berlin

MY HOSTEL : Plus Berlin

Rough draft of my public transit itinerary from Tegel airport to my Hostel.

Rough draft of my public transit itinerary from Tegel airport to my youth hostel.

Plus Hostel Berlin : Warschauer Square 6, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Address #2 : Your Country’s Embassy or Consulate 

You can’t never be too cautious when you travel and you never  know what may happen along the way of the beaten path. Don’t take any chances, write down your country’s closest embassy or consulate from your location. If something bad happens (knock on wood) at least you’ll right away know where to go.

Canadian Embassy in Berlin (Botschaft von Kanada) : Leipziger Platz 17, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Address #3 : Grocery Shopping

New country means you won’t have the same retail chains for grocery shopping, so first, do you research online and familiar yourself with the retailers abroad. Also note the closest location available from your hotel, hostel, apartment and whatnot. Also, bring a recycled bag (a cute one doesn’t hurt either). The latter will become handy for that activity and  bringing your clothes to the closest laundry facility or just shopping in general.

Some retail chains in Berlin for grocery shopping


There are also two others: Lidl and Pennymarkt

 Address #4 : Pharmacy

Let’s get something clear here, not because you’re going abroad that CVS, Shopper’s and Jean Coutu will follow you all the way to the foreign country. Indeed, a pharmacy in Europe is usually a place where you find MEDICINE, so if you’re looking for shaving cream or razor blades… this isn’t the place!  They probably won’t even look like a pharmacy to you or written PHARMACY for that matter if you’re going to a non-english speaking country. In Germany it’s called Die APOTHEKE for crying out loud, so see what I mean!  They’ll be smaller, with less products and also, you’ll probably need a doctor’s prescription for something that would be easily accessible in North America. It always depends on the targeted country, I’d suggest you to do your research. Google retail chains for pharmacies and look for their listed products on the prescription list and you’ll be more than prepared if anything happens.

Small tip :From my experiences, I’d advice you to bring Tylenol, Advil, Tampons (ladies don’t forget them!) and condoms – better safe than sorry. Just keep in mind you won’t be in the mood to look for a pharmacy in a foreign country when you feel like shit, so bring some goodies from the Motherland.

Address# 5 : Starbucks

White girl problem who loves the red cups! Guilty as charged!

A white girl can't never too prepared!

A white girl can’t never too prepared!

Address #6 : Post Office (Deutsche Post)

For me, this will come in handy next season to ship some clothes back home and send Christmas gifts.

From hostel to post office by public transit

From hostel to post office by public transit

Other great addresses you should note: 

Why not find a bar and restaurant, you probably have these options back to your hostel/hotel, however, after a while you might want to explore the city a bit and try places that aren’t too far from your location. An Internet Café can be interesting if you want to read a book, do some translations or write upcoming articles for The Booklet (that would be me!).

Bon Voyage!

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