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Okay, okay, I know I had said this week was the week where I shared my Halloween costume, but guess what… it will be next week.  I ended up on an impromptu trip to Buffalo. I felt like this should be the follow up to my article from a few months ago, where I had shared a few places to visit when you find yourself on that side of the border.  Now that my boyfriend has settled down in the area we began discovering many more places.

Drinks drinks drinks.  I have come to find out that Buffalo is a party city.  I mean they do have a big student community, which helps the bar scene development.  I am not a huge drinker. Surprise, I am a light-weight!  I rarely share embarrassing moments because I am the clumsiest human alive and my whole life is filled with embarrassing anecdotes. Because of my natural tendency to clumsiness I often prefer to splurge on one good drink instead of drinking something cheap that I won’t appreciate.   Even then, I am still a cheap date. My last article about Buffalo was mostly geared towards breweries, because my boyfriend is a beer fanatic. Not this time though. This one is all about the ladylike spots.

The first stop on my list is Angelica Tea Room.  The decor of this little nook is the cutest thing you’ll ever run into. Like we say nowadays, it’s #instaworthy.  They thought about all the little details and it doesn’t even feel like you’re in Buffalo, more like in Soho London.  The retro vintage feel brings you to another world for the duration of your visit.  My favourite part was the fact that they offer each guest an apéritif (at the time it was an herbal iced tea) which feels very formal and fancy.  And, of course, the drinks are delicious, beautiful and reasonably priced. I was even able to convince my boyfriend to drink something other than beer.

My second stop on today’s list is Colter Bay.  This place looks like nothing special from the outside, but once inside you can appreciate the rustic decor.  They have a huge craft beer list, but also nice cocktails for the ladies.  I like the fact that there are sample sizes for beer and you aren’t obligated to take a whole pint.  I started off my evening with a sample size of their pumpkin beer and then ended my evening with a delicious maple syrup old-fashioned, well-balanced, dry and sweet.  Again, this is something I’ve noticed in Buffalo; most bars are really reasonably priced which, honestly, incite people to go out.

My third and last stop for today’s itinerary is the Casa Azul.  I love authentic Mexican food! The ambiance is modern and sleek, which just adds to the whole experience.  By now, you’ve probably noticed that I often get influenced by the atmosphere of restaurants and bars, but I swear it’s not the only reason I am sharing these places with you guys.  I recently decided to be a full vegetarian (I never liked meat and didn’t really eat it that much) and when eating out, it can sometimes get hard to find something healthy without meat.  At Casa Azul, there were options for any type of diet.  It was delicious, and again, they had a lovely drink selection.  Also, if you make a visit, don’t be shy to ask about their happy hour deals, it changes every day.

I hope all my little segments on Buffalo will motivate you to visit this up-and-coming city! Sometimes it feels good to get out of Toronto and experience something different.

Pictures by: Tom Morrison

Shot at: the Angelica Tea Room

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