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It was in a cozy ambiance at Mayfair that took place the latest collection preview of Quebec based lingerie brand Sokoloff. Cocktail in hand, we were patiently waiting for the fashion show, which we were sure it would make us want to swap our old undies for this amazing lingerie line. As for me, well it was the case. In a month from now, I'll say my goodbyes to my old underwear and welcome with open arms pieces from the latest Sokoloff collection!



Let's talk about the fashion show-

When you think about a lingerie fashion show, you obviously think about those goddesses walking down the Victoria Secret runway. Well for us girls, it was dead on accurate (even if my squat-passion is never ending), but the fashion show itself was breathtaking. Dance, theatrical part, the fashion show was entertaining. Hats off to Sokoloff on that part -it was different from the "we've already seen it before" it always welcomed. 

With all those highlights, without talking about the fact the girls who wore lingerie looked on fleek, I mean the mercury just rose to 38 degrees! 

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Photos : Sarah Emily St-Gelais

Let's talk about the collection –

True to its previous collections, Sofia Sokoloff, the genius behind the brand, presented once again a über trendy lingerie collection by showcasing lace in its purest form (and also more casual fabrics as well). Black, cream, taupe,  burgundy were my favourite colours in this collection. Moreover, the models seem to fit any shapes and sizes to perfection…. for sure I'm getting a set. 


Favourite pieces –

Here are my favourites of the night. 


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How to get them? –

Simply head on Sokoloff website!

One last word: The limit of owning too many pairs of lacy underwear does not exist. There are way too many I want to buy!!!!

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