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I have great news to share with you today.  Something to give you a sense of hope. In less than 6 weeks will mark the return of spring! Yes! Finally some good weather conditions to be graced with, the warm sun's rays, tuques, mittens and the whole shebang that will be store away, winter boots that will be gone, but most importantly, this marks the return of transitional coats. Just the fact of thinking about wearing a thin coat over a few layers is bringing me tears of joy. 

This year, the trend regarding spring coats will consists of neutral colours such as navy blue, black and grey, but will also make place to pastel colours such as pink or baby blue. Remastered timeless pieces will also be showcased such as the timeless jean jacket, the coming back of the military and bomber jacket, but most importantly, versatile pieces that can be worn with pretty much everything for a timeless, casual or sporty look. Whether you love leather, faux leather, cotton, wool or even mixing textures, transitional coats for the next season will indeed please you. And if the latter is long, short, mid-length, rest assured it will complete any spring looks. Keeping ourselves warm until the return of warm weather has never looked this good.

Here are some of my favourites

1. Classic but adds a pop of colour with this baby blue coat. $85.00

simons, manteau

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2. Trench coat : elegant and versatile. What more can I say about the colour!  $169.90

trench coat

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3. Casual yet trendy  $99.00

simons, militaire, kaki, khaki, fashion, fashion blogger

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4. Nothing beats a great white coat in order to enjoy the first spring warm days. $99.95

coat, le chateau, blanc, white, printemps, spring

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5. A mix of textures that can be worn with your favourite pair of jeans or sneakers or even a pair of slick trousers and heels. Love it $110.00

simons, coat, textures, spring, printemps, fashion

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6. Because bomber jackets are truly making their comeback this season and this particular one is just beyond amazing in these pastel colours. $56.90

bomber, jacket, bomber jacket, momde, fashion, printemps, spring, forever21

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7. Ideal on rainy days with its hood, practical pockets and simple for the look.  $52.90

bomber, jacket, rose, pink, spring, printemps

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8.I love a biker look and the detail of this garment, its zippers and also its tailored cut.  $79.99

manteau, coat, h&m, fashion, leather jacket

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9. This satin look blaze in a classic colour is perfect for any given outfits. $59.95

Blouson, aviateur, bomber, jacket, coat, spring, printemps, fashion

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10. A must-have in any girls' closet. With its light colour and tailored fit, this becomes your key item in your layering game.  $59.95

dynamite, dynamite fashion, spring, jeans, coat, jacket, manteau

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11.Timeless, chic, urban looking and trendy. What more can I say? $119.95

dynamite, grey, texture, coat, jacket, printemps, fashion, spring

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12. Classic jean jacket with a sporty look for something casual and laid-back. $69.95

jacket, coat, garage, spring, printemps, fashion, denim

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13. I had a soft spot for those patches that reminded me I should go a on road trip and pretty soon. $59.90

Coat, jean, forever21, fashion, spring

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14. An military looking coat in a classic cut with a mix of texture that will give it a chic and urban look. $595

rudsak, clothes, coat, manteau, spring, printemps, fashion

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15. Neutral colored jacket that can be work both to work and on a girls' night out.$154

picoum, coat, sport, fashion, fashion blog,

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