On September 20th, I attend the launch of Les 3 Sex. The 3 "sexes" such as "sex", "sexuality" and "sexology". I was intrigued and attended the event anyway. I wanted details. We often talk about sex, but everything stagnates around the same topics: G spot, best sex positions, how to surprise your man in bed, the list, ect. Well, in the end, we don't know much. 

It's at that moment, 3 women, Sophie Morin, Pamela Plourde and Marion Bertrand-Huot, 3 sexologists in the making created this website: to share scientific news on everything related to sexuality. Initially to help students, teachers and professionals in the field to be aware of current sexology, they decided to add columns with reliable sources and testimony in relation to various issues related to human sexuality. The site touches everything. To world news as to the issues here. No subject is taboo and that is the beauty of their project. This platform is designed to help us understand what sexology (for non-geeks like me) or just add reliable sources for students or professionals. The articles are interesting, well documented and testimonies affect many more people than you might think.


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At launch, I had the opportunity to talk to Sophie Morin. She had goose bumps. Who would not be nervous to present such a big project? Before the crowd, the three women have spoken with candor and honesty. I could see the work and passion they put into this project. I would not be surprised if in a few years, this online journal became a must for "sex knowledge".

If you're a health professional or simply someone who wish to share your stories, don't hesitate in contacting them. They'll for sure get in touch with you. 

Note that the photos on the site were auctioned at the launch to help fund the site's activities. They were presented in the name of the exhibition "Bare" to show sexual diversity. The models were asked the following question: For you, what is sexuality? My favorite response was:

"Sometimes, love is intact and true. Sometimes a volatile love. Sometimes a gesture that repairs what was once broken. "


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