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Let's Talk Fashion is our new fashion column. Over time, trends change and I took on the task to write a new article every two weeks in order to share with you the latest fashion news updates. Whether it's regarding a certain style,  type of clothing, popular fabric, textures or fashionable colours, in other words… all which affects fashion. 

I have a fashion design degree and am currently working as an assistant designer for the retail chain Reitmans. Always on the lookout for the latest trends and fervent lover of window-shopping, I decided to share with you my passion on this platform. 


I've decided to write about home decor today since there's a cactus and terrariums trend that's been going on for quite some time. In Quebec, we have the chance of having a rather dry climate where one is able to keep a cactus alive. (My mom has never been able to do so in our former home country, Réunion, since the climate is way too humid).


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On that note, I'm showing you this DIY that I've made with my boyfriend for our new home. In other words, I'll show you how cactus placed inside a bowl looks amazing. While shopping, I thought the prices were indeed too pricey. That say, we were able to finish our project for only 10-15$ for each terrarium. 

My boyfriend found those glass bowls on Amazon for 20$, shipping included. We had 6 bowl in total, yet once receiving the shipment, we noticed how one didn't get home in one piece. Unfortunately the ones we bought were in backorder, but several models were also available for a reasonable cost. 

Then, we found our cactus for 4.99$ before taxes at Rona. You can go elsewhere, but I thought Rona has a lot of choices which was surprising. 

For anything else that's missing, such as dirt, little rocks, crushed glass, pinecones and foam, note that Dollorama (Dollar's Store) is a paradise for any DIY projects.

préparation terrarium diy

In the end we were only short on cords since those chosen glass bowls weren't flat at the bottom and as we were making them, we noticed how we had the hand them in order to carry out our project. We found some at Home Dépôt since it was nearby. We wanted to create a natural effect so our raw cords pleased us (simply braided the latter and we were all set). Or else, a fishing line can give a more modern and subtle look which works fine too.

diy terrarium

As for preparations, simply lay the rocks first and let your imagination run wild for the rest. Here's the result:

terrarium DIY

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