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Let's Talk Fashion is our new fashion column. Over time, trends change and I took on the task to write a new article every two weeks in order to share with you the latest fashion news updates. Whether it's regarding a certain style,  type of clothing, popular fabric, textures or fashionable colours, in other words… all which affects fashion. 

I have a fashion design degree and am currently working as an assistant designer for the retail chain Reitmans. Always on the lookout for the latest trends and fervent lover of window-shopping, I decided to share with you my passion on this platform. 



I can't believe that the corset is making a comeback. I can't help myself but telling you a story before we dive in today's featured piece of clothing. 

Back when I was 12 years old, I made a corset from scraps of jeans. The latter has several colours because of the many scraps of jeans used. It was straight and had to be 15cm high. I would wear the latter over my tops and had huge chunks of lace at the bottom (You know, the kind of item you'd find at Garage). I was so proud of wearing it, but my classmates didn't share the same enthusiasm. Only one of my friend was willing to buy me a piece. I guess I didn't know fashion was my vocation then but I knew I had the heart for it. All that to say that I was perhaps a bit fashion-forward if I compare myself to other teens of my age. Today, if I still had my corset hanging around, it would've been perfect. Perhaps now's the time to make an other one again.


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Now onto today's subject. I saw the word corset in a piece already and have seen several fashion influencers sporting today's trend. The moment was perfect for me to share my love of this garment on this platform. It's quite surprising but wearing a corset with any kinds of outfits is rather simple. It completes a look and adds that original touch. However, you need to be fully confident when one wears a corset. Some are quite more delicate than others, but let's be real here, we're quite far of this sophisticated and über tight corset look one used to wear some centuries ago. 


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Kylie Jenner has a lot of style and yet, this look only has three pieces: white t-shirt, boots and a corset. 



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When I see this, I ask myself what I've done with my handmade jeans corset… How badly I wish I still had it. 



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Here we can change the style of the corset by opting for a large black belt. Once again, we find this style over an oversized white t-shirt.


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After today's piece, I think it's time to reconsider making myself an other corset… I love how much it adds that oh my god touch to such simple outfits. 


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