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Wearing glasses is fun for some (kinda finishes the whole look) but it can also be a chore for others. Why do some people see inconvenience (besides themselves how they don't have a face for glasses)? It is very likely that their glasses, specially designed for their eyesight, are problematic.

How is it possible though? That was what I was talking about with Dr. Jahel St-Jacques, optometrist within the IRIS network. Initially, I was stressed, because I do not know much about visual health terms (even though I've already worn glasses) but the conversation went really well. If you're a bit like me, do not worry, I'll try to explain it to you as simply as possible!

First, visual examinations should not be overlooked. It is strongly recommended when wearing glasses (or even when we do not wear them!) to pass a test every year. That say, your optometrist will be able to assess the health of your eyes and see if there have been any changes (no matter how small) since your last meeting. It is rare however that vision can change quickly, however, might put all of your chances on your side and don't take the risk.  This is even more important if you feel over time that your glasses aren't strong enough.


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It is also possible that following the purchase of a new pair of glasses, you'd then need a period of adaptation. You may experience headaches, dizziness or discomfort. If this occurs, don't panic, it's totally normal. On the other hand, if it extends over a period of more than a week, call your optometrist and explain the situation. Most of the time, it is not the prescription that is problematic, but the adjustment. Improperly adjusted glasses can be, among others, glasses in which the lenses are poorly centered. This can cause the person wearing them to have a loss of vision of see things blurry (which can cause headaches).

However, there is no need to worry if for some time you have worn badly adjusted glasses. Your sight won't worsen and you won't develop a n eye disease. You will simply have had a vision called "suboptimal" for several days, which is not all that bad.

What you need to remember about everything you've read: optometrists are skilled professionals who care about the health of their clients and simply want their well-being. Do not hesitate to consult them if you do not wear glasses, or simply have questions about your vision. They are there for that!

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