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I have for a while a real crush for any yellow or yellow mustard accessories. In truth, yellow hasn't been a color which I particularly love, however I love its effect when the latter is mixed with neutral elements; it looks cozy, elegant and also chic. Since I don't incorporate this color into my wardrobe -note that I changed my hair color from dark brown to blond and if I did wear yellow, I'd simply look sick- I decided to incorporte today's featured color into my decor space. With my faintly coloured walls and sleek decor, yellow brings a bit of light to the space which, let's be honest here, is perfect according to our grey and boring weather.

I find my house empty and a little cold once my Christmas tree and Christmas decoration are put down. It's in fact at this very moment where I wish to pimp up my space in order to revive the latter. This year, I evidently decided to give yellow a try (not a big surprise here) by choosing a few accessories easy to incorporate to my decor and perhaps your own. 

Pain a few objects

Yes, I know it is fun to buy new pieces each time you want to change up your current space, but you also have the possibility to give a second life to older pieces. That way, you can always repaint the object a third time whenever you'll have another color phase as of decoration. Wooden objets and vases are perfect for that type of project. If you're game like me, you can always transport that creativity to a furniture piece. 


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Throws and pillows

My favorite solution is to change pillows and throws since the latter easily give another look in no time and if you're like me, you'll want to purchase new ones! In fact, since I moved to my own home, I have fun in changing my pillows and throws once a year: I have different colors and models for each seasons. Once winter comes, I have the time of my life!


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Low tables, lamps, lighting fixture, chairs, frames, candles, clocks… infinite possibilities and they allow to personalize your space according to your taste. In fact, I may not have any children, but I'd love it for a nursery. 


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A pop of yellow on your wall

Well, I may not be there with my love of yellow, but for those who feel a tad more adventurous, this can look amazing as well. I think yellow is a great color for a bathroom where the tile work tends to look greay or even dark. If that's the case since your room has already the given tone, you simply need to find neutral accessories. 


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