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People knowing me will instantly tell you how much of a chameleon I am in terms of my fashion style! I can wear a dress one day and the other a boyfriend jeans and glam it up for any type of occasion. Well, it’s pretty out there. However, I’d have to admit with this large selection of personal style, the cute and feminine vibe is pretty far down on my list. Not that I don’t like feeling girlie or like a woman, but I’ve swapped my figure hugging dresses from high school to more looser fitted and comfy items. Even if the piece is beautiful to look at but the comfort is non-existent, it just shows on your face once you’re walking down the streets and it’s a big no no for me! My closet isn’t too garnished either in terms of colors. I have lots of black, grey, beige and white. I have some few pieces with a bit of color but that’s about it! With that being said, not a lot of pink nor flowers. I was obviously super happy to wear this wonderful Marsala colored dress (yes, this is the color of the year and this isn’t the first time I’ve talked about it) and this black blazer (not what’s missing in my closet, I can tell you that much!) with flowers embellishments. Furthermore, it’s SOOOOO comfy! Meemoza offers eco-friendly pieces made from recycled cotton. Local fashion + comfort + eco-friendly? SOLD!




I also love those little details that transform a simple dress to something completely original such as this little triangle at the back.




For Valentine’s Day, Meemoza has a sale in order to make you discover their atelier and give you rebates on their current winter collection. There will also be pieces from previous collections with a spring taste. Three gift cards will be given. To participate to their contest and win one of the 3 gift cards, it’s right HERE! What a great gift from you to you or alright to your bestfriend who loves Montrealers’ boutiques such as Meemoza. Just think about think girl!


Hair and makeup: Jessica Branchaud-Meneses

Photos: Thomas Fortier

Clothes provided by : Boutique Meemoza

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