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You probably all started to notice how I would describe my fashion style as being a chameleon! I love to try everything. This one is pretty out there for me, but I love it! Deep down, I know I’m not a bohemian, however, I felt like Esmeralda or Jasmine. I was able to play make believe a little while wearing this oh so simple and light outfit! For that being said, the comfort of the latter was present! I’ve always been impressed by Melow’s fabrics. They are feminine and I feel as if I’m wearing my pajamas since the fabric is so soft. What do I love the most about this outfit? The sexiness but yet super feminine and delicate vibe that shines. The crop top and the slight décolleté brings out a peak of sex appeal, however, nothing screams vulgar with this type of material. Just add the silver heels and your little miss fashionista is back in town! Personally, I’d wear those heels with high waist jeans or sandals for a casual, but yet cute outfit. The skirt can also be worn as a dress; only need to pull the folded part and you’re set to go! Very practical during summer or when you’re traveling if you have to pack light. And what about the blue, which is, by the way, my favorite color. I find it so refreshing and easy to wear. Furthermore, powder blue is probably the “it” color to wear this season, so I’d say it would be safe to confirm how spot on this outfit is for our upcoming warmer days. ;) Would you wear something similar during your travels ?







The outfit :

Clothes : Melow by Mélissa Bolduc

Shoes : Aldo

Hair and makeup : Jessica Branchaud Meneses

Photo: Marie-Claire De BloisLeo_escalier4






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