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A nice look that is both simple and functional, how I love it! I use this article to give me a moment of Zen at this busy time of year! As you can see, The Booklet is in a crazy period! Projects are coming out of no where and I love it! However, the hours for sleep, activities and the time to take for yourself is put on the back burner. I don’t know for you, but for me, sport (including yoga, you’ll understand) helps me get through hard times or busy in my life. It allows me to unwind, think of me, close my cellphone and relax. Real life what! I am particularly happy with this zen inspired yoga look. In addition, navy blue is my favourite colour (and it brings out my eyes, lol). WIN! I practice different forms of yoga, as you may be aware that there are several types of practice. The look today with ample sweater and leggings super comfy would be ideal for Hatha Yoga, a non-competitive form, more focused on balance,  listening to your body and meditation. Bikram, which I love, relies instead on endurance, perseverance and strength, all in the heat! We all know about the very large drops of sweat (I know, it’s yucky), so we opted for a very small outfit ;). This photo shoot was a real treat for the soul! With the beautiful light that enters the office, I reminds me that the heat of summer are not very far away! YA!









Shirt: Melow par Mélissa Bolduc 

Legging : Svelte

Scarf: Bandge

Photography : Marie-Claire De Blois

Makeup and hair : Jessica Branchaud Meneses



What’s your activity that helps you unwind? :)

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