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Have you heard about Chic Marie’s concept?  HERE and  HERE! Small summary: Chic Marie offers a high end quality dresses from  rental service. Those dress are usually from local designers and you’d be able to wear them as much as you want for a limited time. That way, you’d avoid paying crazy prices in order to wear that so-say dress only one time or to simply wear amazing gowns and dresses at a more reasonable price, which you wouldn’t be able to do in the first place. It was then, my pleasure to proudly wear two outfits that were a 100% from Quebec and look so professional for this photo shoot. With my job at Le Cahier x The Booklet, I often wear comfortable pieces but yet trendy. however, to my mother’s great desperation (hi mommy), I don’t wear enough ladybusiness-like pieces. Ugh. You know, those tailored suits or those perfect cut fitted dresses.  Well today, I’m showing you my first outfit by wearing a dress signed Travis Taddeo and a blazer from Tavan&Mitto. Chic, but still fashionable with my body jewelry from Bornina Puss. The type of outfit I should wear more often.


The second look shows a shirt and skirt from Iris Setlakwe! A cute edgy mix for the top paired with a metallic necklace and the semi-sheer shirt and is a tad more sophisticated with a tweed skirt (shout out to my inner Coco Chanel)! Which of the two outfits is your favorite? :)




1st outfit 

Dress : Travis Taddeo

Blazer : Tavan & Mitto

Body jewelry : Bornina Puss

Shoes : HR2

2nd outfit 

Shirt and skirt : Iris Setlakwe

Necklace : Bizou

Shoes : HR2

Makeup: Lisette De Sousa and Jessica Branchaud Meneses

Photos: Vince Leblanc

The best is yet to come. For me receive the packages is like Christmas. I don’t know if you’re like me, but when I order something online, I go bananas once my little precious arrives home! It’s basically a true ritual to open and to discovering my new prized possession. Alright, I’m a tad crazy, it’s all good. But in any case, Marie Chic instantly charmed me! The packaging is super cute and well personalized. A card from your stylist is added in order to suggest you ideas on how to wear those different pieces. Furthermore, you also get a goodie bag from Biotherm! A great package for your inner princess, I LOVE IT!




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